NRSG 379 Student Evaluation of Preceptor

Instructions: Please select the number that best reflects the extent to which you agree with each statement about your preceptor. If you had more than one preceptor please complete a form on each. Please submit to your clinical instructor within one week of your last clinical day. Your feedback will be used to make improvements in the preceptor selection and orientation process. Thank you for sharing your perceptions.

Scale: 1=Not at all; 5=To a great extent

1. My preceptor welcomed me, oriented me to the unit, and introduced me to coworkers.

2. I felt 'safe' with my preceptor when I was learning something new or asked for assistance if I wasn't sure about things.

3. My preceptor is confident and proficient in his/her nursing role.

4. My preceptor is a good role model and teacher.

5. I was comfortable with what my preceptor authorized me to do.

6. My preceptor knew my learning style and used it when teaching new skills with me.

7. My preceptor role modeled the use of unit and clinical resources to investigate a new med, or look up a procedure, etc.

8. My preceptor is a good 'coach' - not always giving me the answer, but asking questions or encouraging me to think it through myself.

9. My preceptor followed established hospital or nursing policies and procedures.

10. My preceptor role modeled setting priorities for care for each patient, and adjusted them if a patient's situation changed.

11. My preceptor was available to me when I needed assistance.

12. My preceptor was interested in my learning goals and helped me achieve them.

13. My preceptor provided regular feedback to me about my performance, in a caring and respectful manner.

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