Transportation with an Institutional Vehicle

A. Cars, vans and mini-buses are reserved through CSB Security at x5000 or through SJU Transportation at X2742.

Students who wish to drive institutional vehicles must complete the on-line driver’s training.

Rental costs, College owned rental vehicles effective July 1, 2010:

15/14 passenger mini bus -------.88 cents per mile or a $40.00- dollar per day (minimum) charge
7 passenger vans -----.78 cents per mile or a $30.00-dollar per day (minimum) charge
Car -----.56 cents per mile or a 15.00 dollar per day (minimium) charge. We will us the highest amount totaled.
Charter Bus----- $1.75 dollar per mile with a $75.00 (minimium)
Drivers---------- $ 15.00 dollar per hour with a $60.00 (minimium)
Trailer 900 box trailer ----- $25.00 dollars per day or $50.00 dollars per week.
Multicultural: During breaks: 13-14 passenger only .80 cents per mile or a $20.00 dollar per day (minimium) charge

Clean-up fees for any excessive misuse, trash, damage,ect:, $30.00 dollars (minimium)

Effective: August 24th 2001...
Excessive 7 passenger and 13/14 passenger mini buses usage for departments and groups. This means departments and groups that us our College vans on a weekly basis.
We will make adjustments to these rentals only. If the van is used 1-6 hours, there will be a minimum charge of $20.50 for both 7 and 14/13 passenger mini-buses. Any vans/mini buses rented over this 6 hour time frame will go back back to the effective July 1st rates.

Advanced notice by e-mail is the only way cancellations will be accepted. No-shows on vehicle reservations thata are not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged $25 for cars and $50 for vans and mini-buses.

B. Buses can be rented through SJU Transportation or an outside company

Contact the CSB/SJU Link Transportation Department for all College/University related large group bus transportation requests by emailing Mike Juntunen at

Group school bus and motor coach charters for sporting events and other large group activities can also be arranged with an outside company. Remember to have the expense approved before renting a bus!

C. Executive Express provides transportation between the CSB/SJU campuses and the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. Click here for more information on Executive Express.
Individual Making Request
Do you want to rent a vehicle from CSB or SJU?
What type of vehicle do you need? CHECK ALL THAT APPLY

Vehicle Departure and return information

Once we receive this request, vehicle reservations will be made on our Institutional Credit Card for Campus Recreation.  Students should not pay for these costs out of pocket.  Please note that only 2/3 of these costs can be covered with allocated funds.  The remaining 1/3 needs to be covered with generated funds.  The account balances must have enough in to cover these expenses, or reservations will not be made.

Vehicle Cost Information