Theater Department Alumni/Alumnae Survey

Questions 1-11 of 18.
For each of the following statements, please select one answer.

[1.] I graduated from:
[2.] The year I graduated is between:
[3.] At CSB/SJU I learned necessary skills, concepts, or abilities integral to my chosen role(s) in theater.
[4.] Areas of faculty expertise matched my needs and professional interests.
[5.] Faculty motivated/encouraged me to push myself to new creative or intellectual heights.
[6.] My experiences at CSB/SJU have enabled me to understand multiple perspectives and layers of complexity in the Fine Arts.
[7.] Theater coursework and productions at CSB/SJU developed my ability to think conceptually and critically about text, performance, production and aesthetics.
[8.] My experiences in the coursework and productions fostered my imagination and my ability to channel that imagination into artistic goals.
[9.] My studies and participation in Theater developed my ability to create and defend informed judgments about theater.
[10.] The theater facilities and technical equipment at CSB/SJU contributed to my artistic, intellectual and technical pursuits.
[11.] My education at CSB/SJU prepared me for internships, jobs, and/or acceptance into a graduate program.