2013 Summer Global Practicum Application

Center for Global Education
2013 Summer Global Practicum Program
Application Form

Location/type of the practicum you are applying for (check all that apply):

Academic standing as of end of spring semester 2013 (please note that preference is given to students who will be returning to campus in Fall 2013):
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Resume submission: please note that the Summer Global Program Application requires applicants to submit an updated resume. You may provide a link to your online resume or send it as an attachment to djohnstone@csbsju.edu


References: Please provide recommendations from three persons not related to you who are familiar with your professional and academic qualifications and character. At least two of these references should be from a CSB/SJU faculty member, including at least one from your major department. List your references below. IF YOU ARE APPLYING TO MULTIPLE SITES, you may ask the references listed below to discuss your merits/abilities in terms of each program site/type in a single form. You may also submit additional recommendation/s (up to a total of 3 references per program). PLEASE NOTE: The CGE selection committee will review no more than (3) references per applicant per program site/type applied to.

Reference Forms. Please send each of your references a link to one of the following forms and ask them to complete and submit by the application deadline date. Please note that at least two of your references should be from CSB/SJU faculty; at least one of these should be from a faculty member in your major department.

Non-Academic Reference Form

Academic Faculty Reference Form

Health Insurance & Coverage Information: It is the policy of the College of St. Benedict and of St. John's University that all students be covered by a health insurance or coverage plan while participating in international programs. This policy is applicable to the Summer Global Practicum program. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that such insurance and coverage is made to be effective and in force throughout your participation in the Summer Global Practicum Program and in a manner that satisfies the policy requirement of the College of St. Benedict or St. John's University.

I understand and agree that, if I am selected for the program, I will be required to do the following in order to participate (please check to indicate your agreement):
Disclaimers: please check each box to indicate your understanding and agreement with each item.
Required Application Materials Checklist: I understand that for my application to the 2013 Summer Global Practicum to be complete, the following materials must be received by the Center for Global Education by Friday, January 18, 2013