Appeal of Residency Requirement

Type of Room

Petition for Release for Residency Requirement

CSB is a four-year residential liberal arts college and all CSB students are required to live on campus. This policy begins with all students who enroll as first-year students at CSB in the Fall of 2010 and applies to all subsequently enrolled students. Students who are married or have dependent children living with them may submit a written statement to appeal the on-campus residency requirement.

Exceptions to the Residency Requirement:
If a student submits the Off-Campus Housing Application and meets one or more of the following criteria, she will automatically be granted off-campus residency status for the academic year or term(s) for which she applied. The criteria are: 1) Students who are married or who have dependent children living with them, 2)Students who are over the age of 23 on the first day of fall semester or who have attended 8 or more semesters as a full time college student, 3) Part –time students (those enrolled for 12 or fewer credits), 4) Students doing internships, clinical or student teaching more than 20 miles from campus, 5)Students with a medical condition that cannot be accommodated on campus provided that documentation from health care professional is submitted to support the request

In addition, students who do not meet the criteria above may appeal to be released from the residency requirement in
any of their four years to live at their permanent home address if located within 20 miles of the CSB campus. These
requests for release from the residency requirement will be considered on a case by case basis. Submitting an appeal
does not guarantee that off-campus residency will be granted. To appeal to live at home please see the steps outlined below:

In their appeal students will need to demonstrate a clear plan for how they will become (or remain) an involved and active member of the community at CSB while living at their permanent home address.

Students will need to demonstrate some unique circumstance (medical, financial, other) that can be documented and would require an exception in comparison to other local students.
Academic Year in Which You Seek To Be Released:

Reason for Request
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