NRSG 379 Preceptor Evaluation from A&E

Preceptor Evaluation - to be completed by nurses precepting CSB/SJU nursing students, or information can be obtained from the students and recorded on this form.
Definition of Preceptor:
A preceptor is an experienced nurse who develops a one-to-one time limited relationship with a student (in the absence of faculty in the health care setting) to provide guidance and supervision in promoting clinical competence and skill development in the novice nurse.

1. Please indicate your level of licensure
2. Please indicate your highest Academic Degree

3. Number of years experience in current position
4. Have you taken a preceptor training course?
5. Have you had previous teaching experience?
6. The clinical outcomes for this course have been received and/or discussed.
7. I understand my role in precepting this student.