Billing and Payments

Calculating Your Bill Amount

Use this formula to calculate the amount you will be billed for each semester this year. It is important to note that simply subtracting your total awarded aid from the cost of attendance does not always accurately represent the amount you will be billed depending on the type of aid you've been offered.

Downloadable Worksheet

Difference (A) - (B)= (C)


Tuition, standard fees, room and board

  • Find this year's amount here


Total of your scholarship, grant, and loans

  • DO NOT include your work study award (See note)
  • Only subtract the loans you will accept

Divide (C) by 2= (D)

*(D) represents an estimate of the amount you will owe each semester this year.

You will likely have other expenses including books, school supplies, and personal expenses (dining out, cosmetics, tickets to fine arts events, etc.) We recommend you budget $2,500+ for these additional expenses. CSB/SJU offer two payment plans for students.

Note: If your aid package includes a work study award:

  • You do NOT automatically receive this money.
  • You must earn this money throughout the year by working an on campus job.
  • You must work 5-6 or 10-12 hours a week beginning the first week of the academic year and continuing until the last week. (Hours depend on award amount)
  • Work study payments are dispersed every 2 weeks throughout the school year, so this amount can be earned gradually.
  • You must indicate that you want your earnings to go to your Student Account if you want this money to reduce your bill amount.
  • It is recommended that students apply 100% of their work study earnings to their account to avoid a gap between aid and bill.

Finance Charges

CSB/SJU apply a 1% finance charge to any undpaid balance on your student account on the 10th of each month. For example, if your bill has an unpaid balance of $1,000 on September 10th, the amount due will increase by 1% to $1,010. If no payment is made by October 10th, the bill will increase to $1,020.10 and so on. 

Tip: It is important for students to pay as much as possible as early as they can to avoid finance charges.

Note: Any unpaid balance on a Student Account will result in a hold. A hold prohibits students from registering for classes for the next semester or housing for the next year.