Before Knowing Why

Medium: Mixed Media

Before Knowing Why is an exhibition in which we let the process of creating guide us. Our work explores the concepts of memory, environment, human experience, and transformation. We allowed our respective passions and life experiences to shape our work into pieces that share a part of our identity. Through our individuality we supported each other in our pursuit to know Why.

Gorecki Gallery:

  • Madison Albertson
  • Alexa Banken
  • Mirijana Ganley
  • Ava Hall
  • Claire Hoye
  • Lauren Reeves
  • Claire Weingartner

Alice R Rogers and Target Galleries:

  • Maria Fajardo Reyes
  • Alisha Gill
  • Margaret Grandgenett
  • Katherine Jasinski
  • Annika Mattick
  • Molly McGowan
  • Taelor Nebel
  • Maggie O’Donnell
  • Anna Trombley

This exhibition is the culmination of each art major’s growth and focus while studying at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. Students from both campuses will prepare and present a collective art exhibition of diverse study and materials on both campuses. Art works will be shown at the Gorecki Gallery in the Benedicta Art Center and the Alice R Rogers and Target Galleries located in the St. John’s Art Building.