Sister Baulu Kuan: A Lifetime Pursuit Continues

Monday, November 6, 2017 - January 7, 2018
Gorecki Gallery, CSB

painting by sister baulu kuan

A Lifetime Pursuit Continues is a companion exhibit that highlights and shares the many artistic gifts of Baulu Kuan, OSB.

The first exhibit, A Lifetime Pursuit, is on display at the Haehn Museum at the Saint Benedict’s Monastery Art and Heritage Place through December 23, 2017.  It features a retrospective of Baulu Kuan OSB, retired professor of CSB/SJU Art and Art History and her great skill and collections in painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, jewelry and sculpture.

This exhibit, A Lifetime Pursuit Continues (BAC Gorecki Gallery) features the traditional and contemporary art of many international colleagues and former students of Baulu Kuan’s, OSB, during her time at Southwest University in China as well as a collection of brushes and tools imperative for this discipline.

Artist Statement: The Value of Chinese Art

Chinese art, as it is for the Chinese artist, is a very personal experience. From each swirl of the calligraphy brush, I find something of myself expressed and actualized. From each word, carefully chosen in poetic form, a part of myself again is revealed.  This personal principle of fulfillment and expression has no doubt guided the Chinese artist for centuries. And yet, despite this very personal dimension of Chinese craft, one can also sense the smallness of self in the vast world one tries to capture in Chinese brush painting, calligraphy or poetry.