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Search Results for Fine Arts Programming Visual Arts / Jill Dubbeldee Kuhn: Layers The exhibition title of Layers expresses my varied interests in creating art in a range of Department of Music
OK Factor writes and performs folk-inspired music influenced by Americana and Irish fiddle styles inspire in 3 days of community engagements, cultivating a curiosity about music’s role in our lives.
author, John McCutcheon (SJU ‘74) is folk music’s renaissance man. With 36 recorded albums, John has his eclectic catalog of American folk music. For this special performance, he’ll be collaborating
Search Results for Fine Arts Programming Below are a series of questions on several pages that will help Fine Arts Programming staff prepare and facilitate your event Music Ensemble Department of Music
the world to our stages through a variety of music, theater, and dance. • Make it possible for us to arts/box_office/donations.pdf
Search Results for Fine Arts Programming poetic science, evocative imagery and powerful music including music by Haydn, Janácek, and living composer, Laura Department of Music
Ron K Brown, Evidnece Dance Compnay Search Results for Fine Arts Programming EVIDENCE, A Dance Company seamlessly combines traditional African dance with contemporary choreography Department of Music
to reach for the truth and pure beauty in music,” and hopes to convey those fundamental emotions to artist diploma at the Mannes School of Music with Richard Goode. He currently studies under Bernd
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The Rose Ensemble will showcase 500 years of music celebrating the unconditional hospitality of the as a community value exemplified in music, story, community practice, and spirituality in the