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CFS Faculty & Staff Fine Arts Programming at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University invites faculty and staff to integrate the Fine ... of Great Britain Fine Arts Programming offers many ways for CSB and SJU faculty
confirmation.  Fine Arts Programming offers several distinctive spaces that are ideal ... event requests will be assessed with regard to staff availability and capacity ... professional staff will work with you to create your perfect event. We're here
Policy: College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University Fine Arts ... events at CSB/SJU Fine Arts Venues. Questions:   We're happy to help!  Don't ... - CSB/SJU Faculty and Staff may reserve two tickets per event at this rate. CSB/SJU
Advisory Council Advisory Council Fine Arts Programming has an Advisory ... Advancement Staff: Tanya Gertz Executive Director CSB/SJU Fine Arts Programming Leslie Hanlon Director of Fundraising & Marketing CSB/SJU Fine Arts