Theatre Re presents: The Nature of Forgetting

Theatre Re presents: The Nature of Forgetting

November 8, 2019 at 7:30 PM
Stephen B Humphrey Theater, SJU

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Conceived and Directed by Guillaume Pigé

Heralded as breathtakingly beautiful, visually stunning and thoughtfully engaging, The Nature of Forgetting merges evocative movement with compelling live music to tell the story of a middle-aged father struggling in the early stages of dementia. Collaborating with London neuroscientist Kate Jeffery, Theatre Re performs a moving articulation of the countless dimensions of memory and amnesia. This life affirming journey into a weakened mind is about the resilience of humanity, the celebration of a life well lived and the eternal spark we all share and is still there when memory is gone.


Panel discussion and Q&A after the show.

Sponsored in part by The Club and CentraCare:

The Club CentraCare