Theater Department: Spinning Into Butter

Theater Department: Spinning Into Butter

October 8, 2020 - October 11, 2020
Gorecki Family Theater, CSB

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by Rebecca Gilman; directed by Professor Kaarin S. Johnston

The title of this 1999 play is taken from the old story, Little Black Sambo.  Our Reader’s Theater production, set in the Dean of Student’s Office at a small liberal arts college in Vermont, focuses on white racism, especially the micro aggressions white people don’t notice but people of color do.  Students of color will recognize many of the situations in the play; hopefully the white audience members will too.  The director has waited 16 years to do this play; CSB and SJU are now ready for this discussion.

Please note: we are not currently encouraging off campus attendance for COVID-19 safety reasons. While we would love to share live performances with our greater community, at this time these performances are intended only for the CSB/SJU campus community.