The Reminders

The Reminders

November 20, 2021 at 7:30 PM
Stephen B. Humphrey Theater, SJU

Dear Friends of Fine Arts Programming,

Our performance with The Reminders has been cancelled.  If you have tickets already to this event, the CSB/SJU box office will soon be in touch to allow you to exchange your tickets, make a donation, or receive a refund. 

Providing meaningful and educational community engagement with artists is vital to the Fine Arts Programming mission. Recently, Aja Black was leading workshops via Zoom in preparation for The Reminder's time here in person. These workshops were disrupted by racist and white supremacist comments. We recognize the direct impact of this injustice on Aja and our participants.

CSB/SJU is investigating all components of this event, with the help of an outside investigator and law enforcement.

We care deeply about The Reminders. We know that many of you do too. Together, we care for them now by acknowledging the harmful nature of this experience and recognizing that the show cannot simply “go on.”  We cannot ask our artists of color to bring jubilation to stage for our benefit at a time when their engagement with our community was shaken by racism and white supremacism.

The Fine Arts Series is committed to a community invested vision that is inclusive and representative of the world on our stages.  To be inclusive right now, we must acknowledge that harm has occurred and ensure the continued care and respect of our artists.
Together, it’s essential to cultivate an environment where the gifts of multi-cultural artists are celebrated and respected on our stages and in the workshops that are a signature part of our work. Our mission to illuminate new understanding calls us to create with our community an environment that ensures artists’ safety, champions their voice, and addresses injustice.

We will not tolerate disrespect for our artists, students, or audience members during any Fine Arts Series activity.

Artists of color—you are valued. We will work to ensure you can thrive here with confidence and be respected for your work.

Audience members and students of color—you are valued. We will work to ensure that our arts experiences will be a place you are confident you belong, are authentically represented, and genuinely welcomed.

In heartbreak and hope,
Tanya Gertz, Executive Director