The Bald Soprano and The Lesson

The Bald Soprano and The Lesson

February 18, 2020 - February 23, 2020
Colman Theater, CSB

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TWO ONE-ACTS BY Eugene Ionesco, Father of modern absurdism

THE LESSON A student comes to learn enough from the Professor to pass her total doctorate degree.  She can add but not subtract.  She has memorized the multiplication table but cannot multiply.  The “lesson” gets menacing until the murderous climax.  This is a play about power, will, fear and dictatorship; it’s funny and scary and shocking all at the same time.

THE BALD SOPRANO Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Mr. & Mrs. Martin are meeting for a very English evening.  The clock strikes 13 and various other numbers throughout the play.  The Fireman arrives to talk about fires and other very mundane matters.  The Maid tells the audience a secret (she is really Sherlock Holmes!) and reveals that what seems logical, is not.  The play begins again at the ending using one of the technical attributes of many absurdist plays.  At the first performance the playwright was astonished to discover the audience found it quite funny!