The Rose Ensemble: Welcome the Stranger, the Promise of Saints Benedict & Scholastica

8:00 PM
Friday, March 16, 2018
Great Hall, SJU

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Welcome the Stranger, set in 17th century Italy, honors the lives of twin Saints Benedict and Scholastica. The Rose Ensemble will showcase 500 years of music celebrating the unconditional hospitality of the Benedictines – much of it preserved in the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library. The Rose Ensemble’s vocal artistry invites exploration of hospitality as a community value exemplified in music, story, community practice, and spirituality in the Benedictine tradition.  This timely new program highlights the call of Benedict’s rule: “All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ.”

Deepen the Experience:
Enhance this beautiful performance. The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library is offering two intimate pre-performance programs, followed by appetizers and a glass of wine. Seeing package pricing to the right. Choose between the following programs:

The Benedictine Scriptorium - Ancient and New LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE
Tim Ternes, Director of The Saint John's Bible
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In the Middle Ages, Benedictine monasteries were centers of culture and learning which kept the tradition of the written word alive for the whole world. For decades, scholars have speculated about the processes and challenges involved in creating a great manuscript. This presentation gives new insights into The Saint John's Bible in the context of giant medieval Bibles.

Benedictines and Building Community Through Books SOLD OUT
Dr. Matthew Z. Heintzelman, Curator for the Austria/Germany Study Center; Curator for Rare Books and Manuscripts
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Ever since Benedict first gave his Rule to his sixth-century monastic community, the Benedictines have been associated with books through reading, copying, collecting and disseminating. This session will provide an opportunity to experience a selection of these books, dating from the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period. Along the way, we will consider ways in which books bring together and reinforce community, while also prompting us to look at our world in new ways.