Manual Cinema: Ada/Ava

January 21, 2017 at 7:30 PM
Stephen B. Humphrey Theater, SJU

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In a mesmerizing hybrid of cinema and live stage show, Manual Cinema uses the medium of shadow puppetry to create poignant and surreal stories.

Twin sisters Ada and Ava have lived their whole lives together until, suddenly, Ava dies. Ada is haunted by grief, solitarily marking time in the patterns of a life built for two. Set within a New England gothic landscape, Ada/Ava uses the fantastic and the supernatural to explore mourning and melancholy, as well as notions of self and identity.

Featuring more than 300 paper puppets manipulated by five puppeteers and three musicians performing an original score live, this visually stunning story is brought to life in full view of the audience; nothing is hidden behind the scenes.

"To describe Manual Cinema as just a shadow puppet show is to say Pixar makes cartoons." -Chicago Tribune

  • Best for ages 10+
  • Performance length: approximately 60 minutes followed by a Q&A session with the artists

Manual Cinema: Ada/Ava is sponsored, in part by, Mahowald Insurance