Fall Choral Concert

CSB/SJU Chamber Choir & Amadeus Chamber Symphony 
Axel Theimer, Conductor


  • W. A. Mozart - Symphony # 24
  • J. Ch. Bach - Sinfonia Opus 18/2
  • Michael Haydn - Te Deum in D
  • Felix Mendelssohn - Trumpet Overture
  • Antonio Vivaldi - Gloria (selected movements)

Who knew whom? 

This concert features music by composers whose family names are very familiar to most of us. We have heard of Bach – and usually mean Johann Sebastian, ‘the father of them all’. Haydn is a ‘household name’ as well. But, how many of us have heard music by Johann Christian Bach (the father’s youngest son) or by Michael Haydn (Joseph Haydn’s younger brother)?

We can establish interesting connections between at least three of the 5 composers featured in this program – our traditional “Homecoming Weekend Concert.”

Come and find out what ties J.Ch. Bach, Michael Haydn and Mozart together. While Vivaldi would be considered an ‘outsider’ in this program, most composers spent at least some time in Italy (especially Mozart and Mendelssohn) and would have been at least familiar with Vivaldi’s Music. Mendelssohn was also a celebrated composer in London, and Johann Christian Bach is actually known as the London Bach – the English called him John Bach.

Mozart’s and M. Haydn’s music have been attributed to the other and Mozart was definitely influenced by M. Haydn, using themes from Haydn’s Te Deum in his setting of the same text.

Today we would call it plagiarism – in those earlier times it was considered an honor to be ‘quoted’ (plagiarized) by a composer as celebrated and successful as Mozart.

Come and enjoy a delightful evening of Baroque and Classical masterpieces – with a touch of Romanticism – in the beautiful Great Hall on the campus of Saint John’s University, performed by the CSB/SJU Chamber Choir and the Amadeus Chamber Symphony.