Fine Arts Programming Reopening Guide for Event Planners

We are delighted to host your live event or gathering in the performance venues at CSB/SJU and welcome both On and Off campus guests!

As you plan your event, On or Off campus event planners will be expected to follow all current CSB/SJU campus guidelines, guidelines through the MN Department of Health and any specific guidelines related to your event’s particular components. As changes continue, we commit to do our best to keep you informed if there are changes that will affect your event and we ask the same from you.  

All employees and students are required to have had at least one vaccination by August 26, 2021.  Students, faculty, and staff associated with our campus will be vaccinated.  Outside guests are encouraged to be vaccinated, but it is not required to be at an event or use a space at CSB/SJU. Masks are required at this time.  


CSB/SJU requires masks indoors and on transportation for all students, faculty, staff and visitors (vaccinated and unvaccinated) at this time. We expect masking for unvaccinated individuals in high-density outdoor events where social distancing cannot be maintained. This temporary masking requirement will be reevaluated weekly based on the transmission category of our surrounding county and on the vaccination rate of our campus community.  If you arrive without a mask, a limited supply of masks will be available at the box office.  

Current exceptions to this policy include private offices, while eating in dining areas, and outdoors when distancing can be maintained.  

A mask must be worn by all individuals in all of our performance halls and gathering spaces at all times. 

Stage/Audience distancing: 

Performers and/or speakers for smaller events may perform on stage without a mask, if:  

  1. A) they can provide documentation that they are either fully vaccinated or have a negative test in the last 72 hours,using ouron campus documentation system (please discuss with your FAP staff contact) AND  
  2. B) There are at least 12 feet between audience and performer/speaker on stage, AND
  3. C) This can be communicated in a written or verbal way during the event. We recommend including in any introduction or program. 

In this scenario, all others should be masked and masks should be worn on stage when not performing. It is the responsibility of student, faculty, or visiting performer/speaker to provide documentation.  If documentation is not provided, that person will only be able to perform wearing a mask at all times. No audience participation on stage is allowed at this time. 

Capacity of your event: 

Following current MN Department of Health guidelines, we will not have social distancing in audience seating.  All seats are available for patrons, up to full capacity.  We recommend that you plan for some empty rows in the rear of the venue to allow guests to spread out who will be more comfortable doing so.   

Seating assignments:  

Every event will not require assigned seating, events can be general admission.   We recommend ticketed events provide some empty rows to allow for spreading out at the rear of the hall if desired. Documentation of all CSB/SJU student attendees will be required at all events for campus contact tracing. This does require additional planning to accomplish, please plan accordingly and discuss your plan with fine arts programming staff.   

Ticketing your event:  

Fine Arts Programming will not have ticketing services available at the start of the school year. Please consider not ticketing your event this fall.  Anything that does truly require ticketing will need to be outsourced at this time, and therefore ticketing will not be available until at minimum 4 weeks after information is provided to Fine Arts Programming (contact Leslie Hanlon at [email protected] 

Student events will be able to use the campus scanner systems to scan all attending students. Students should be encouraged to bring their ID card to all events.   

Responsibility of your participants: 

Please ask participants to stay home if they are sick or exposed to COVID-19.  All participants are expected to follow CSB/SJU COVID guidelines.  

Food and Beverage: 

Food and Beverages are available in campus dining and available for outside guests.  Guests may remove their mask while eating or drinking, and ask you maintain 6 ft distance from others.  

Events that include singing: 

Singing is still a high risk COVID activity if unvaccinated individuals are performing or in the audience.  When conducting activities such as congregational singing with a mixed population of vaccinated and unvaccinated people, or unknown vaccination status, attendees should wear masks. Masks are expected to be worn while singing and speaking, for unvaccinated individuals.     



Event length:  

A limit to 75 minutes is no longer required, though we do encourage shorter performances as it a recommended risk mitigation measure.  We do also recommend no intermission when able and appropriate.  

Event Presentation Option & Venue/Resource availability: 

Events are possible in person, hybrid, and via streaming.  However, not all events are conducive to all presentation options.  Event needs will be assessed by operations staff in Fine Arts Programming for viability and resource availability, and some requests/needs may not be possible and/or may have additional costs attached.   

At this time, streaming staffing resources are limited.  Live streaming of in person events are only available for student ensembles/presentations when in the Stephen B Humphrey, Gorecki Family Theater, or Escher Auditorium. Events with faculty or outside guests will not be able to be streamed until further notice. There are fees attached to streaming and more complicated event support from the Fine Arts Programming department.  

Events require more planning with more to consider at this time.  Please fill out the appropriate planning request form if you are planning an event in a performance space in the Benedicta Arts Center or Stephen B Humphrey Auditorium, and staff will be in contact to discuss your event.  Forms are to be received no less than 3 weeks before your event, and longer if more complicated or multi-day.  

Space request single event: 

Space request multi-date: 

Space request dance studio: