Fine Arts Programming Reopening Guidelines for Artists, Speakers, and Performers

We encourage all touring artists and speakers to be fully vaccinated to allow for the fullest visit with the fewest limitations.  If artists, speakers, or their traveling party are not vaccinated, it will impact your visit and how we can host and serve you.   

All employees and students will have had at least one vaccination by August 26, 2021.   Students, faculty, and staff associated with our campus will be vaccinated. Backstage technicians will be vaccinated and masked.   
Masks: CSB/SJU currently requires a mask that covers the nose and mouth for indoor performances (vaccinated and unvaccinated) anytime in our venue.  

Stage/Audience distancing:  

Performers and/or speakers may perform on stage without a mask, if:   

  1. they can provide documentation that they are either fully vaccinated (including booster shot when eligible) or have a negative test in the last 72 hours, using our on campus documentation system (please discuss with your FAP staff contact) AND  
  2. There are at least 12 feet between audience and performer/speaker on stage, AND 
  3. This can be communicated in a written or verbal way during the event. We recommend including in any introduction or program.  

In this scenario, all others should be masked and masks should be worn on stage when not performing. It is the responsibility of student, faculty, or visiting performer/speaker to provide documentation.  If documentation is not provided, that person will only be able to perform always wearing a mask. No audience participation on stage is allowed at this time.   

Meals during your visit:  

We will serve individually served food unless an artist traveling group is fully vaccinated and comfortable with buffet style.   Food and Beverages are available in campus dining and available for outside guests. Masks may be removed in a dining space while you are eating.   
Responsibility of all:   

We ask that individuals not come to campus if they are sick or exposed to COVID-19. Please contact Tanya Gertz, or your host, immediately if this occurs during your visit.   All guests are expected to follow CSB/SJU COVID-19 guidelines.   
Travel to our venue:  

When possible, we do not recommend air travel. For air travel, as per CDC guidelines, we remind you to follow the CDC Travel guidelines that can be found here:  
Impact on contracted activities:  

If you have not been vaccinated, we may not be able to facilitate close contact artist residency with our community and it may impact on-stage and backstage operations.  If you have been contracted for in person artist residency, and you are unvaccinated, please discuss this with Tanya Gertz as soon as possible:  [email protected].   

For artist workshops, vaccination/neg test is not required. Masks will be required of participants.  
Event length:  A limit to 75 minutes is no longer required, though we do encourage shorter performances as it a recommended risk mitigation measure.  We do also recommend no intermission when able and appropriate.