Federal PLUS (Parent) Loan

To apply for a Federal PLUS Loan it is necessary to complete the following 2 STEPS. Both Steps 1 and 2 must be completed by the same parent.

  1. PLUS Loan Request and Credit Authorization Form: This form must be printed and filled out by the parent completing the Loan Agreement (MPN). Once it's completely filled out and signed, it must be returned to the Financial Aid Office. This form must be completed each time you request PLUS loan funds. Complete PLUS Loan Request and Credit Authorization Form
  2. Loan Agreement (MPN): Parents who have previously borrowed for the same student do not need to complete this step again. This is an online process.  Please have your FSA ID available. If you need a FSA ID please click here. Please note that the Loan Agreement (MPN) only needs to be filled out once for each child.
    • Follow this link to Complete New Loan Agreement (MPN) for Parent PLUS Loans. Please note the instructions below:
      • Sign in using your FSA ID (not your child's). If you do not have a FSA ID (new as of May 11, 2015) you can create one during the process or go to https://fsaid.ed.gov
      • Choose "Complete Loan Agreement (MPN)" (DO NOT CLICK "Apply for a Direct PLUS Loan")
      • Then choose "PLUS MPN for Parents" at the bottom of the page.