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The finance program at CSB and SJU inspires students to engage in the study of finance for the common good, provide the capacity to understand finance in the context of our society and economy and prepares students as critical thinkers and successful leaders who lead purposeful and meaningful lives. CSB and SJU uniquely offer three concentrations within our finance major: business finance, financial economics and mathematical finance.

Our finance program is focused on ensuring that students can apply their finance studies in a professional setting and gain a broad understanding of the importance of human values and professional ethical conduct upon graduation. In alignment with our liberal arts foundation, the finance major is an interdisciplinary major.

Finance integrates accounting, economics, mathematics, statistics, computer science and even psychology. At CSB and SJU, given our strong established faculty, the curriculum of the finance major is structured to be highly interdisciplinary between the Accounting, Economics and Mathematics departments. A robust education in finance at CSB and SJU prepares students for careers as well as post graduate education in finance. 

In the major, students will experience academic skill development including ethical reasoning, critical thinking, effective communication and integrated learning in numerous courses. In addition, the major effectively prepares students to enter the world of finance which emphasizes a very broad set of skills, depending on the student’s career of interest. Some of these skills include analytical abilities, the ability to understand and solve problems from more than one angle, and effectively communicating results to supervisors and/or clients.