Exploring Medicine I Overview

Course Description

Exploring Medicine (Biology 373, 2 credits) is a course taught by Steve Jameson, M.D., Emergency Department physician at St. Cloud Hospital (St. Cloud, MN).  The course is taught at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University (CSB/SJU) and is designed for students interested in the health professions, particularly students seeking a career as a medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner. Students will study some of the key systems of the body and learn the pathophysiology and treatment of a variety of human diseases and conditions. In addition, we will delve deeply into discussions of social determinants of health that influence health care delivery and the business of medicine. The purpose of this course is to help students see the relevance of their basic science courses, to be better prepared for the MCAT, to help students prepare for medical school, and help them to be a step ahead in their decision to pursue a career in medicine.

Course Objectives

By completing the modules of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Apply basic science to clinical medicine.
  2. Describe how the body maintains homeostasis.
  3. Explain the concepts of diagnosis and treatment of disease.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of health insurance, physician billing, budgeting, and more regarding the business of medicine.

None, but students of sophomore or higher level tend to master the material best.

Required Materials

Exploring Medicine online text, lecture videos, and quizzes need to be purchased through the Exploring Medicine website (https://exploringmedicine.net/). The instructor will send a link for the purchase of this material. For students that like the option of having something to hold to read, a hard copy of the core module text is available, but this is an optional purchase. This text does not contain material on all modules covered.

Exploring Medicine Syllabus

Students are encouraged to attend the class live but all classes and activities will be recorded and posted online for student access.

Please contact Steve Jameson, M.D., or Manuel Campos, Ph.D. with any questions about the course.

Exploring Medicine

(Biology 373, 2 credits)

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