Exercise Science and Sport Studies

2020 Undergraduate Research

  • The Relationship Between Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption and Heart Rate Recovery Following Exercise
    - Madison Jones
  • Do Visual Aids Distributed to Families Increase Physical Activity Among Children and Adults?
    - Ryan Pauley, Awarded CSB/SJU All College Thesis Summer Fellowship
  • The Effect of Self-Talk Training on Maximal Anaerobic Exercise Performance
    - Mary McConnville
  • Effects of Motivational Self-Talk on Maximal Force Output in College-Age Students
    - John Colleran
  • Post-Exercise Effects of Slow Breathing on Heart Rate Recovery, Heart Rate Variability, and Blood Pressure in Recreationally Active College Students
    - Brent Burg, Awarded CSB/SJU All College Thesis Summer Fellowship
  • Effects of Ammonium Salt Inhalation on Reaction Time and Resistance to Fatigue in Male Collegiate Athletes
    - Joshua Aune