Lindsey West

When Lindsey was a first year student at CSB, she was instantly interested in Athletic Training. “I knew that the Sports Medicine program was good for me because I had gone through two knee surgeries in high school, so I was able to sympathize with athletes that had also injured themselves while playing sports,” said West.

West worked with various teams over her four years as a Sports Medicine minor at CSB. She started working with female athletes during her first two years, and then she primarily worked with the St. John’s football team during her junior and senior years. Lindsey was also able to work as a trainer during the summer volleyball and basketball camps at St. Ben’s.

“I felt that this was the best part of being a Sports Medicine Minor because I learned how to diagnose and treat different types of injuries as well as work and travel with different teams. I met many new people that I probably would not have known if I didn't work with the teams. Most importantly, I felt that what I was learning in the classroom could be applied to real situations,” shared Lindsey.

Lindsey is currently an English teacher in Okinawa, Japan. She always knew that she wanted to take a year off after college to volunteer before settling into the working world. As for right now, West hasn’t decided if she will continue her education in Physical Therapy or Exercise Science, but she believes that the Sports Medicine program has given her the knowledge to be capable of pursuing either direction.