Jenny (Ewertz) Silbernagel

Being a three sport athlete throughout high school sparked Jenny (Ewertz) Silbernagel’s interest in the Sports Medicine program. She also liked the idea of working with all sports teams. In addition to working with both men’s and women’s sports teams, Silbernagel participated in intercollegiate volleyball and track and field.

Today, Silbernagel is a Physical Therapist in Colorado.

“Having the Sports Med experience helped me a great deal in PT school,” Silbernagel said, “I was a step ahead with anatomy, physiology, as well as the finer details of orthopedic evaluations.”

Here at CSB/SJU, Silbernagel had the chance to be a Sports Medicine Assistant. As a Sports Medicine Assistant she was able to see all types of injuries and learn about ways to prevent injuries. The athletic training exposure gave her a glimpse into her future profession as a physical therapist.

She said, “Overall, the sports med minor helped me start on my way to becoming a physical therapist.”