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Marie Boo

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Marie Boo – Doctor of Physical Therapy

Marie Boo, class of 2011, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the National Women’s Soccer Team.  We recently had the opportunity to visit with Marie and ask about how her time at The College of Saint Benedict shaped her career path.

Marie, why did you choose CSB+SJU for your undergraduate experience?

The first thing that drew me to CSB+SJU was the atmosphere and the people; I immediately felt connected. After my on-campus visit, I did more research, I discovered so many great facets of CSB+SJU and values that were important to me. The opportunity to study abroad was a major factor in my decision. My semester abroad was one of the most impactful experiences I have had and provided me the opportunity to be immersed in new cultures, expand my viewpoints, and allow unparalleled personal growth. Another benefit was that, unlike big universities where the focus can be skewed toward faculty research, the focus of CSB+SJU was the undergraduate students. This value is reflected in small class sizes, professors focused on teaching, and the general close-knit community it fosters. The faculty truly care about the students and get to know them on a personal level. CSB+SJU was the clear choice for me because of the objective benefits it offered as well as the innate feeling of home.

How did your liberal arts education help prepare you for your current career?

As a liberal arts college, CSB+SJU provided me with endless opportunities to learn and grow in so many ways. Rather than simply studying what I thought I would like or what came naturally, it allowed me to explore new disciplines and have broader knowledge of the world around me which I lean on daily in my current position working with athletes and teams around the world.

What was your favorite college course and why?

The kinesiology course with Don was one of the most challenging and rewarding courses. I was constantly challenged to think beyond the basics. Don continually pushed us to think critically, integrate concepts from other classes, and apply kinesiology principles to real world situations – something I continue to do today in my current job. 

Beyond your studies, how else did you spend your time while you were a student? 

CSB+SJU was truly the launchpad for my career path. I worked as a Sports Medicine Assistant (SMA) in the athletic training room for 3.5 years. I was able to learn skills in the classroom and apply them directly to my daily training room and on-field duties. It was during this time that I discovered my love for sports medicine. I also became involved in research and later became a research assistant with Don and Mary with the ESSS Department. This not only provided more experiences and educational growth but provided a framework for continuing to be involved in research through graduate school, residency, throughout my time at Stanford, and my current role. While I was the president of the Physical Therapy/Athletic Training Club, I was able to develop leadership skills and growth as well as seek out experiences to advance my career path. 

What is your favorite CSB+SJU Memory?

It’s impossible to choose! I loved everything from sitting at O’Connell's with friends/roommates and working in the athletic training room to walking around Lake Sag and building friendships I still have today.

Any words of wisdom you would like to share with prospective students interested in studying Exercise and Health Sciences at CSB+SJU?

Get involved, work hard, and never stop learning.

Marie Boo

Marie Boo ’11

Doctor of Physical Therapy

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Don Fischer
Chair, Exercise Science & Sport Studies