Exercise Science and Sport Studies

Bradley Graham

What is your background, how did you come to Saint John’s, what was your major and how would you describe the highlights of your undergraduate education?

I am from Park Rapids, Minnesota. While in high school, I spent a lot of time on both campuses when my family came to visit my sister, who was going to Saint Ben’s. During the sibling weekends and other activities, I fell in love with the campus and the St. Joseph/Collegeville area. The highlights of my undergraduate education would be my capstone internship that I completed in the Saint John’s athletic training room, paired with the football team. This gave me lots of hands-on experience with athletes, coaches and other members of the SJU sports medicine team, which proved to me that I was in the right field.

Why study pre-athletic training at a liberal arts college?

The diverse classes that I ended up taking here at Saint John’s not only prepared me for graduate school, but also gave me the tools to handle whatever job or plans I decide on in my everyday life in the future.

What makes the pre-athletic training program at CSB and SJU unique?

The uniqueness of the pre-athletic training program at CSB and SJU is that you can mold it to whatever you want it to be and incorporate your interests into your learning. It really does prepare you as best it can for the next level of your education.

What has your experience with the CSB and SJU pre-athletic training program faculty been like?

The faculty has been nothing but supportive, helpful, and willing to push and challenge me to be ready for the next step, which is graduate school. They are also very good with having an open-door policy to help build relationships with their students. They are always there for you if you need help on a subject or if you just need advice and someone to talk to. 

How would you describe the workload and/or academic expectations related to this pre-professional track?

The workload is demanding. But with good time management skills and a strong work ethic, it's manageable. The effort and time you put in will not only be noticed in the classroom but will show potential graduate schools that you are worth the risk of being invited into their program.

What has been one of the greatest challenges you have faced in college?

One of the greatest challenges I have faced is time management, not only for class assignments but also for getting outside and exploring the Saint John’s area more and setting aside time to build relationships and memories with my friends and roommates. Finding the right balance was difficult, but I have made life-long connections and friends in the last four years.

What advice do you have for students considering the pre-athletic training program?

The program will be hard and will challenge you, but it is going to be worth it. Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors and go to office hours. Apply as soon as possible to be a sports medicine assistant in either training room to start getting hands-on experience and knowledge. I wish I had done it earlier.

What are your plans for after you graduate from SJU, and what are your plans after graduate school?

My plan for after graduation from SJU is to get my master’s degree in athletic training from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. After becoming a licensed athletic trainer, I would like to work at a high school or a university.

Bradley Graham

Bradley Graham
College of Saint Benedict
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Don Fischer
Chair, Exercise Science & Sport Studies