Student Resources for Funding COP

COP Application & Scholarship Form

Departmental Scholarships

Watch your emails for notices from academic and other departments for scholarship opportunities.


Discuss scholarship opportunities with your professors; they may know about additional resources.

Scholarship For CSB Students

CSB/SJU Financial Aid

Set up an appointment with a financial aid counselor in the CSB or SJU financial aid office to discuss options, such as:

  • Private student loans
  • Using federal student loan eligibility for the trip if you are not using it all for Fall or Spring semester

External Scholarships

Resources for scholarships and aid outside CSB/SJU

McCarthy Center

Resources for external scholarship ideas from the McCarthy Center

CSB and SJU Senates

Students can submit an agenda item/funding request to the appropriate senate to request funding support for traveling to the COP. Be prepared to present a cohesive budget and answer questions regarding the impact of traveling to the COP on you and/or the CSB/SJU community.