Shae Olsen '21 (she/her/hers)

Where do you call home?

Plymouth, MN

What are your majors/minors?

Environmental Studies major, Political Science minor

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Rugby! And also going for walks with friends.

Why did you major in Environmental Studies?

I think that right now it is the most important and relevant subject. It's going to be difficult to care about almost everything else if all of our houses are underwater.

What is your favorite Environmental Studies class and why?

Gender and The Environment. I loved this class because it teaches you to think critically about all systems and it teaches you that feminism is not just for women and in fact, it's for literally everything you could ever think about.

What environmental issue are you most passionate about? Why?

Capitalism. Capitalism is the absolute root of every environmental issue and the heart of the American economy. While this may not technically be an environmental issue, I believe that it is the biggest threat to our ecosystems.

What was the focus of your ENVR 320? What were your findings?

My focus for ENVR 320 was healthcare medical waste reduction techniques. The best solution I found from my research was that healthcare waste must be dealt with on a local and small scale level and must be planned on a site by site basis in order reduce carbon emissions and the waste of single use products. 

What advice do you have for first year students and majors?

Take an economics class. And also get your internship over with as soon as possible.