Rob McManus '21 (he/him/his)

Where do you call home?

Anoka, Minnesota

What are your majors/minors?

Environmental Studies and Biology Double Major

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Climbing and hiking. But I love to do almost anything that is outside. 

Why did you major in Environmental Studies?

I wanted to learn about the major environmental issues facing society and how to create just solutions which benefit both the environment and the people living within it. Also, I really wanted to have classes outside. 

What is your favorite Environmental Studies class and why?

ENVR 175. Being able to identify trees by their bark is a major flex. 

What environmental issue are you most passionate about? Why?

The degradation of aquatic ecosystems and access to clean drinking water. I grew up spending a majority of my time fishing on Minnesota lakes and rivers and I want to preserve and protect the resources that have brought me so much joy. Additionally, I have first-hand experience not having access to clean drinking water and getting sick from it. I want to work to ensure that everyone can trust the water they are drinking.

What was the focus of your research for ENVR 320? What were your findings?

The feasibility of using Great Lakes commercial fishing to supplement mostly unsustainable marine commercial fishing practices. I found that it is only possible in regions close to the Great Lakes. This is because there are not enough fish in the lakes to sustainably harvest them and provide for a larger area, and the emissions costs of transporting them are greater than the systems in place for marine fishery distribution.

What advice do you have for first year students and majors?

You are your greatest advocate. Never be afraid to speak up, ask questions, and get your foot in the door. The worst they can say is no.