Past Environmental Studies Senior Thesis Projects

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Since 2008, students have created posters outlining their projects as part of the formal presentation of their theses, many of which are available for viewing. To view pdf files of selected project posters, simply click on the title of the thesis project. Enlarging may be for best viewing (around 30% works nicely for standard computer screens). File sizes may be rather large (2-6 mb) and may take longer to load over slower internet connections.

Class of 2019

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Alvarez, Elizabeth Is Everything Better Under the Sea: South Florida's Battle Against Sea Level Rise
Ames, Elizabeth Breaking Beauty Standards: How Ugly Produce Can Reduce Consumer Food Waste
Bjorklund, Jaden Is a Controlled Archery Hunt a Viable Option for Suburban Deer Management?
Busta, Kyle Minnesota Solar Energy Equity
Dironca, Victoria ¿Justo Para Quién? An Analysis of the Fair-Trade Coffee Industry
Fritz, Zach Wilderness 101: Structured Environmental Education on Backcountry Trips
Genereau, Matthew A Changing Forest: How Oak Regeneration can be Improved in the Avon Hills
Gerdts, Samuel Barriers to Adopting No-Till and Strip-Till Practices in Minnesota
Haase, Justin Sustainable Fitness: Providing a Plan for a Sustainable Fitness Center for Saint John's University
Hesse, Grant Cash Crop or Flop? The Hemp Industry in Minnesota
Quinn, Cormac Why won't they use the compost? An analysis of Flynntown residents' perceived barriers to using a compost system
Sorensen, Mitch No Time to Waste: Rethinking Our Path to a Plastic-Free Ocean
Taylor, Quincy Mowing Your Lake: The Effects of Shoreline Alteration and Aquatic Plant Removal on Minnesota's Lake Ecosystems
Vu, Cynthia Climate Refugees: Displacement and International Law

Class of 2018

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Babcock, Eleanor The More Than Human World: The Importance of Natural History and its Presence on the CSB/SJU Campus
Backstrom, AnnMarie Cost of Implementing an Edible Landscape at the College of Saint Benedict
Benson, Rachel Speaking Up & Reaching Out: Increasing Community Engagement in the Twin Cities Superfund Process

Biederman, Aaron

Utility Scale Solar: Why Minnesota, Why Now?
Brandecker, William Alternative Fire Suppression Equipment for Sustainability
Cancino, Christian Rediscovering the Goddess: Applying Core Wiccan Beliefs to the Mainstream Environmental Movement
Chadderdon, Tanner Mille Lacs Low Walleye Numbers and How it Has Affected the Local Community in Recent Years
Dahl, Blake Why Aren't They Biking? A Look at a College Campus Cycling Culture
Durbin, Morgan Methane Emissions Due to Paddy Rice Farming in Sri Lanka: Environmental, Social and Economically Sustainable Alternatives
Echelard, Hudson Becoming Net Zero: Strategies to Eliminate Carbon Emissions at Saint John's University
Fiorentino-Strawn, Thomas The Great Plastic Bag Debate: A Recommendation for the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University
Johnson, Annie Wilderness Therapy: Countering Substance Abuse for Young Adults and CSB/SJU Students
Kroll, Colin Radical Environmentalism & Eco-Terrorism: Direct Action, Backlash, and Change
Lee, Shennie Sustainability: How Hmong Farmers Can Bring About Sustainable Methods and Practices to Modern Agriculture
O'Brien, Dora Fearing the Fearsome: Avoiding Minnesota's Trouble With Timber Wolves With California's Mountain Lions
Peyton, Skylar Home on the Market Range: An Analysis of Cultural and Economic Barriers to Large-Scale Bison Farming
Yang, Thea Hui Green Companies: Legitimate Claims & Actions of Sustainable Business
Yung, Cheuk Wah Hong Kong's Growing Municipal Solid Waste Problem: Options for a Sustainable Future

Class of 2017

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Bannwarth, Aimee Go Big or Go Home: A Comparison of Sustainability in Macrobreweries, Craft Breweries, and Local Breweries
Diliberti, Megan Reducing Plastic Bags in Minnesota: Ban vs. Fee
Jacobsen, Zachary Avoiding the Invasion: An Analysis of Ballast Water Treatment in the Great Lakes
Jensen, Pearce Light Pollution at the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University
Koch, Brian The Global Food System: Sustainable Alternatives to Industrial Agriculture
Lampe, Mitch Ready for Residential Renovation: Reducing the Environmental Impact of Housing at Saint John's University
Madden, Claire The New Era for Lawns on College Campuses
McLarnan, Sarah Escherichia Coli as a Water Quality Indicator Organism: A Case for Responsive, Science-Based Policy
Minea, Alec Preparation and Response to Arboreal Illness on College Campuses
Phillips, Ashley A Promise Unfulfilled: Public Participation in the Environmental Impact Statement
Pietruszewski, Jack Defining Zero Waste to Landfill: The Need for a Common Industrial Standard
Remer, Matthew Natural Lawn Care Programs and Lakeshore Restoration: Strategies to Reduce the Effects of Lakeshore Lawns
Thein, Peter Robotic Lawn Mowers: Can They Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint While Keeping Your Lawn Looking Perfectly Manicured?
Willette, Chase Could It Bee? How to Decide Whether to Keep Bees
Xiong, Leng Take Out Polystyrene and Bring in Reusable Containers

Class of 2016

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Arko, Max What Else? A Consumer's Guide to Conventional Meat Alternatives
Battig, Austin Positives and Negatives: Household Batteries and the Need to Properly Dispose of Them
Burr, Jacob Overflowing Wastewater Facilities and Water Pollution: Chlorine as an Example of America’s Increasing Need to Upgrade Wastewater Infrastructure
Carlson, Addie Making the Right Choice: Promoting Sustainable Food Consumption through Consumer Awareness
Carter, Meghan Restoring North America's Tall Grass Prairie
Gjevre, Carter Reducing Wood Waste in Residential Construction
Hamel, Peter Solar Energy for a Minnesota Homeowner
Hodorff, Emily Moral View on Global Climate Change: Laudato Si'
Konkell, Mitchell The German Energiewende: Using Germany as a Model for a Comprehensive Energy Transition
Litchy, Jon Sustainable Mosquito Control Approaches: A Homeowners Guide to Reducing Mosquitoes in the Backyard
Longley, Madelynn Growing Success: Sustainable Farmers Adapting to and Overcoming Barriers
Lundquist, Megan Lawns and Lakes: Strategies for Implementing and Regulating Lakeshore Development
Phipps, Daniel Youth Taking Action: Engaging Youth in Climate Change
Rosburg, Ben Technology in Fishing: Have We Gone Too Far?
Savage, Devon Current Issues: Centralized vs. Decentralized Energy Systems
Scheele, Taylor Urban Pollinator Gardens: Benefits and Barriers to Protecting the Bees
Stoneburner, Natalie Honoring Diversity in Outdoor Education: How St. John's Outdoor University Can More Directly Benefit Somali Students
Stout, Erin Finding Natural Ground: Sustainable Residential Flooring
Thompson, Tyler College-bound: Integrating Environmental Ethics into College Outdoor Orientation Programs
Trinh, Hang Maximizing Local Food Sourcing for SJU Dining Service
Van Beck, Austin If All Else Fails: Analyzing Zebra Mussels Within Minnesota
Wenberg, Bryce Local Foods: A Consumer Guide for Students of the College of Saint Benedict - Saint John's University
Zimney, Preston Mille Lacs Lake Future: Understanding a Changing Lake


Class of 2015

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Bradley, Nick Greening the Housing Stock: Comparing Retrofit and Net-Zero Homes to Reduce Carbon Emissions
Brake, Aaron "Oh Deer!" Managing and Reducing Deer and Vehicle Collisions in Minnesota
Brune, Gabriella  Community Solar Power at the College of St. Benedict
Carlin, Michael Aboriginal Forestry: Including Native American Tribal Values in Timber Management on Reservation Lands
Evans, Sarah Digging up Controversy: Copper-Nickel Mining in the Minnesota Northwoods
Fujan, Joe Gauging Green Consumption
Gallogly, Joe The Walkability of St. Joseph for Students
George, Daniel Invasive Species Management: Lake Minnetonka's Problem with Eurasian Watermilfoil
Gleason, Maggie Minnesota Moose: An Analysis of Moose Decline in Minnesota
Linn, Haleigh The Dangers of Synthetic Cosmetics and Personal Care Products and the Implementation of the Green Movement
Hass, Hannah Books Versus Nooks: A Consumer's Guide to Reading in a Digital World
Medvecz, Erin Filling the Gaps: Placing Private Landowners at the Forefront of Recovery of Threathened and Endangered Plant Species
Norgaard, Madeline Rerouting Our Energy Future: An Analysis of the Sandpiper Pipeline Proposal
Pekarna, Jake Radon Under the Radar: The Silent Killer in Minnesota
Pignato, Steven Agriculture in the United States: Looking Ahead for New Beginnings
Rinde, Alexa Big Growth, Small Solutions: Changing Zoning for Tiny Houses in Urban Infill Development
Roske, JJ A Taconite Story: Mining in Northern Wisconsin
Walter, Ashleigh Growing Community: The Case for Local Government Involvement in Urban Community Gardens
Yan, Chendan

Identifying Environmentally Overburdened Minneapolis Neighborhoods Through A Cumulative Impact Approach

Class of 2014

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Arignamath, Tasha Slow the Flow and Save Water: Implementing Water Conservation on Residential College Campuses
Belter, Josie When the Single Species Approach is not Enough: Using Buckthorn as a Target Species for an Ecosystem Approach to Combat Invasive Species
Berthiaume, Benjamin The Future of Nonnatives: Preventing Woody Plant Invasion 
Burnes, Anne Medicated Waters: Pharmaceutical Contamination of Surface Water 
Calhoun, Sarah Cruising into a Greener Industry: Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Cruise Lines on Host Countries 
Daniels, Bri Alternatives to the American Lawn: A Central Minnesota Homeowners Options
Forbes, Perry An Ocean of Plastics: The Hidden Costs of Ocean Dumping 
Geislinger, Nathan Decreasing Baseball's Environmental Footprint: The Best Implementations for Minor League Baseball Parks
Hayne, Emily Minnesota Elementary School Gardens: Connecting Children to Nature
Joassin, Junior After Death: Implementing Sustainable Funerary Practices in the United States
Krulc, Emily Shattering Seeds: Diminishing Natural Wild Rice Harvesting and Advocacy in Minnesota
Lake, Weston Minnesota Home Heating Consumption: a Look at Alternative Solutions
Long, Mary Minnesota's Toxic Stormwater Pond Sludge
Lundmark, Per Shifting Gears: Expanding Bicycle Infrastructure in St. Cloud, MN
Markoe, Tim Sustainable Design: LEEDing the Way for a Greener Future
Osell, Reed Repeat Photography as a Guide for Assessing Land Use History: A Case Study of the St. John's Arboretum
Reimer, Emily Sustainable Sex: A Hot Topic for a Warming Planet
Sandager, Mike Invasive Neighbors: Zebra Mussels and Property Value
Spoden, Katie Farm to Fork for All: Farmers Markets, SNAP and Food Privilege
Swanson, Jamie Paint it Green: An Analysis of Products Available Today
Yang, Mai Cua Killer Whales: The Captivity of Orcas for Human Entertainment
Yang, Yao Depopulation and Aging Society Crisis: Redefining Japanese Identity 

Class of 2013

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Bieniek, Eric Solar Minnesota: Barriers to Residential Photovoltaics 
Canton, Whitney Deepwater Horizon: Long-term Effects of BP Oil Spill on Shrimpint
Carlson, Benjamin Lending A Farm Hand: Assessing the Challenges Facing Beginning Farmers in Minnesota
Chocholousek, Alex Making the "Fruited Plains" Fruitul: The Economics of Private Prairie Conservation 
Closmore, Alice Bird Down: An Analysis of Bird-Safe Buildings in Minnesota's Twin Cities
Coleman, Megan Are We Being Too Clean? An Assessment and Mitigation of the Effects of the Antimicrobial Agent Triclosan 
Dabu, Carlos Campus Social Sustainability: Not Just About Green 
Deal, Patrick Bioreactor Landfills: The Next Generation of Waste Disposal
Doyle, Emmett Sand County Revisited: Impacts and Responses to the Frac Sand Boom 
Forster, Christian The Road in Our Water: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Storm Water Run-off
Hansen, Madeline Keeping It Warm: Exploring the Heating Options of Winter Productive Greenhouses
Henderson, Sydney The Productivity of Produce: A Study of the Effectiveness of Benefits Provided by Community Gardens
Hromatka, Jared Labels and Frankenfood: Should Genetically Modified Food be Labeled?
Jacobs, Brett Not Just for the Birds: Double-Crested Cormorant Population Management in Minnesota
Johnson, Stephen Green Winters: An Analysis of the Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Passsive Solar Greenhouses and Indor Aquaponic Operation
Lake, Weston Houses for a Sustainable Future: Net-Zero Energy Homes 
Li, Weijia Factors Influencing Deer-Vehicle Collisions and Comparison of Mitigation Strategies in the Twin Cities
Lockwood, Michael Keen on Quinoa: An Assessment of the Viability for Growing Quinoa in the United States 
Meyer, Ryan Conservation Tillage: Tillage Practices that Lower Soil Erosion
Millaway, Courtney Controlling Eurasian Watermilfoil in Minnesota Lakes: An Examination of Methods and Management
Motschke, Collin Redoing the Loo: An Ecological and Economic Analysis of Alternative Toilet Designs 
Olson, Paige Preserving Minnesota's Legacy: Effectively Managing Eutrophied Lakes
Pettit, Jascha Sustainable Wastewater Systems: Using Microorganisms to Treat Wastewater While Generating Biofuel
Remer, Aaron Shore Lunch, Lemon, and Tartar Sauce: Combating Invasive Lionfish One Dish at a Time
Schroeder, Scott Not on our Turf: Managing Tent Caterpillar Populations at Saint John's University
Stawarski, Emily What's For Dinner: Choosing the Sustainable Option for Atlantic Salmon Farming 
Torchia, Kelsey Nature's Price Tag: An Economic Analysis of the NorthMet Project
Van Grinsven, Joan The Grass can Always be Greener: Pathways to Sustainable Campus Landscaping 
Walburg, Lauren Fake Flakes: An Analysis of the Effects of Snowmaking at Ski Resorts
Wood, Mary Let's Make it Rich: Vermicomposting Dairy Manure in Stearns County, MN
Yang, Mai Pa You Are What You Used to Produce in the Past: Can Agriculture Sustain Hmong Families in St. Paul?
Zhang, Tulip Jie What Made the Forests Red? The Future of Whitebark Pine in America West 

Class of 2012

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Altendorf, Kayla  The Promise of Perennials: Wheat as a Sustainable Crop in Minnesota
Bednar, Amanda Sustainable Style: How to Choose the Best Clothing for the Planet
Capechi, Matt  Winged Warriors: The Battle Against Waterfowl Loss in Minnesota
Dahlke, Steve Energy Storage Technologies for Renewable Integration
Gabrielson, Robert  Endangered Species Dilemma: Minnesota's Gray Wolf Delisting Problem
Gonzalez, Susana   The Excess of Corn: Reforming Farm Politicies for a Sustainable Corn Industry 
Haugen, Abbey  Diversifying Local: Expanding the Local Foods Movement to Included  Culturally Appropriate Foods
Holland, Aaron  Utilizing the Northern Sun: Improving the Market for Residential Alternative Energy in Minnesota
Jacobs, Austin  Fishzilla: Managing the Northern Snakehead in the Potomac River Watershed
Janssen, Grace Environmental NGO Failures: Aspects of Accountability and Community
Kiminski, Andrew Common Buckthorn: Invasive Plant Control in Central MN
Kuisle, Molly Hydraulic Fracturing: An Under-Regulated Disaster
Latterell, Brittini  Coral Reefs: Devastating Declines from Human Activities
Moreno, Marbella Consumer Confusion: Understanding the Green Market of Makeup
Muggli, Joseph Climbing Towards Sustainability
Niyongabo, Jessey-Ariel  Addressing Internal Issues: A Sustainable Way to Ensure Better Management of the Congo Basin Forests
Schammel, Kristi  The Future Farmer's Almanac: Climate Change and the Future of Farming in Minnesota
Smith, Jared   Rethinking the Wall: A Comparison Study and Decision-Making Tool for Alternative Home Construction
Socher, Cody Over-Browsing Ecosystems: Controlling White-Tailed Deer in Minnesota
Stangler, Justin Choosing Chicken: A Sustainability Guide for Consumers
Stobb, Rachel  Sky-Blue Waters Clouding Over: Declining Water Quality in the Minnesota River
Stollte, Aaron  Deep Fried to Free Ride: Feasibility Analysis of Converting Vegetable Oil to Biodiesel
Wallace, Michael  Alternative Options for Achieving Food Security: A Focus on Kenya
West, Andrew Greening the Link: A Call for Sustainable Transportation Fuel at CSB/SJU

Class of 2011

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Arnhalt, Rebecca Rethinking Roundup: Stopping the Rise of Glyphosate Resistant Weeds
Colosky, Edward  Evaluation of Nitrogen Reduction Options and the Viability of Nutrient Farming in Minnesota
Coulter, Matthew  The American Lawn: Is the Grass Always Greener?
Davisson, Lief The Green Driver's Dilemm: Choosing an Environmentally Friendly Car
Egan, Sean  An Alternative to Gasoline: In Search of the Best Transportation Biofuel for Minnesota
Fox, Nelson  Minnesota Golf Course Management: The Drive to Sustainability
Hatzenbihler, Drew Eco-Logical Tourism: A Traveler's Guide to Ecotourism and Making Sustainable Vacation Choices
Haugen, Brynn  Disappearing Honeybees: Confronting Colony Collapse Disorder
Hertaus, Benjamin Poo Power (Why Waste Your Waste?): The Potential of Biogas Digesters as an Alternative for Failing Septic Systems
Higgins, Daniel Hemp: A Sustainable Alternative For Traditional Minnesota Farmers
Johnson, Josh Bottled Water Blues: Reducing the Harm Bottled Water Extraction Causes to Local Communities
Jurek, Justin Consuming Food by Faith: Sustainable Eating Compatibility with Religious Morals and Practices
Koshmrl, Leah  Minnesota's Gray Wolves: Perceptions, Recovery, and Management
Kudrna, Karen  Green Childcare: Moving Beyond a Green Environment to a Green Facility
Rietz, Benjamin Dethroning King Cotton: Environmental Impacts of Producing Cotton Versus Hemp 
Roske, Ben Ocean Energy: A New Wave in Renewable Energy
Rotschafer, Andrew  The Efficacy of Community Gardens in Providing Access to Vegetables within Urban Food Deserts
Seivert, Ana Growing Smarter Cities:  Planning Sustainable Urban Centers Through New Urbanism
Wang, Zheng Eating Green on Campus: Sustainable Food Choices for CSB/SJU Students
Waters, Wesli The Next Green Revolution: Bike Sharing in the U.S.
Widner, Neva Ann Land of 10,000 Acidified Lakes: Sulfide Mining in Northeastern Minnesota
Wildenborg, Laura Nature's Knowledge: Redefining Environmental Education and Enabling Students to Learn Outside
Williamson, Matthew  Teaching for the Environment: Integrating Environmental Education and Enabling Students to Learn Outside
Wimmer, Lindsay  Wood Carbon Sequestration: Potential to Reduce Minnesota's Carbon Footprint

Class of 2010

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Archbold, Jake The Optimal Global Climate Change Policy Today: An International Carbon Tax vs. an International Cap and Trade System
Boran, Jennifer Towards Greener Pastures: Sustainable Housing Options for America's Rural Poor
Caya, Richelle  Restoring a Legacy: Reintroduction of the American Chestnut
Conk, Shannon  The School Food Revolution: Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Meaningful School Lunch Reform
Crane, Patrick  Ash Underfoot: Managing Coal Ash Through Biological Process
DeLuca, Eric The Shift to an Efficient Suburbia: Strategies for Encouraging Energy-Efficient Design Techniques in Suburban Minnesota
Drake, Trevor  Coop Culture: Urban Chicken Keeping as an Approach to Reconnecting People to Their Food
Gearman, Melissa  Toxic Fire: Effect of Forest Fires on Mercury Contamination in Minnesota Lakes
Hansen, Nicholas Shedding the Rust: Developing Green Jobs Policy in the Industrial Midwest
Kintop, Andrew Turning Over a New Leaf: The Emerald Ash Borer Threat and the Importance of Diversity in Minneapolis' Urban Forests
Krogh, Emily  Food for Thought: Organic foods in Saint Cloud Grocery Store
McInnis, Marnie Immigrant Agriculture: How the Hmong Community in Minnesota Can Provide Insight for Promoting Sustainable Agricultrue Practices
McTiernan, Sean Voluntary Simplicity and the American Dream: An Analysis of Ecological Footprint and Lifestyle choice
Nshutinyayo, Iphigenie  Voluntary Simplicity and the American Dream: An Analysis of Ecological Footprint and Lifestyle Choice
Schmitz, Sarah Jo Lake Impairment: Big Sauk Lake- Past, Present, and Future
Smith, Nick Disappearing Outdoors: The Changing Nature of Childhood Play
Stasica, Matthew Weeding Out a Solution: Best Management Practice for Canada Thistle
Ver Berg, Ashley Conservation Subdivision Design: A Call for Standards to Help Undeveloped Minnesota Manage its Growth
Wimmer, Ryan  The Rusty Crayfish: Is it Benficial to Minnesota Waterways?

Class of 2009

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Baker, Brandon Overcoming the Barriers to Environmental Education
Green, Kathryn One Farmer's Waste is Another Farmer's 'Cow Power': Methand Digestion as a Solution to Manure Management on Dairy Farms
Grewe, Nick Management of the Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone National Park
Hammerschmidt, Alix Fashion Forward: Shaping the Fashion Industry Through the Implementation of Sustainable Textiles
Haugen, Christopher Emerald Ash Borer, the Urban Forest, and Homeowners
Heim, Jessica Electronic Waste: Imporving E-waste Recycling in the U.S.
Kamman, Patrick  Getting Down to the Meat of it: Meat consumption at CSB/SJU and its environmental concerns
Ott, Matthew Minnesota Farmers and their Customers Supporting Best-Practices for Agriculture: Integrating Grain Sorghum and Planting Cover Crops
Pasutti, Lynsi  Not a Commune: Cohousing Communities as Sustainable Solutions to Suburban Sprawl
Smith, John Minnesota Urban Runoff Solutions: An analysis of cost-effectiveness for the private sector
Steinrueck, Matthew The Rise of Student Computing: Impacts on Power Consumption and CO2 Emissions
Vetsch, Rebecca Reducing Paper Consumption at CSB/SJU: Practices to Implement

Class of 2008

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Athman, Justin Materialism: The Effects on Well-Being and the Environment
Butenhoff, Danielle Solar Crop Drying in Minnesota: A Possible Alternative to Traditional Methods?
Connelly, Thomas R. Southwest Alaska and Pebble Mine: The Story of a Not-So-Golden Future
Eggermont, Theo Making Smart Energy Choices: North Dakota's Future Options for Meeting its Energy Needs
Finley, Jason Photovoltaic Solar Electricity: The Best Renewable Energy Solution for the United States
Gleisner, Alan Agricultural Nonpoint Pollution and Eutrophication: Procedures of Control and Prevention
Gossman, Sophia Organic vs. Local Foods: Which is best for a St. Joseph/Collegeville community member?
Hanson, Aaron Stuck in a Mechanical Root
Hoffmann, Jason Sequestering CO2 through Ehnanced Oil Recovery
Kirzeder, Tom Encouraging the Green Market Shift: A Tool for Practical Use in Homebuilding
Mehr, Emily The Benefits for Child Development and the Need for Federally Funded Curriculum
Moravec, Joseph C. Too Much Nuclear Energy in France: A Better Future With Wind Energy
Olsen, Ben Green Building: A comparative look at the progress of other institutions and St. John's Univeristy
Peterson, Katie Strategies for Combating Waterborne Diarrheal Diseases in the Developing World
Ptacek, Nathaniel Focusing on the Environment: Addressing Contemporary Environmental Issues Through Purposeful Photography
Roske, Molly Community-Based Ecotourism as a Mechanism for Environmental Protection and Poverty Relief
Scott, Laura Sustainable Lawns: Landscapign with Native Plants
Sitzer, Bridget The Land of 10,000 Impaired Lakes: The Practices and Policies Needed to Clean-Up Minnesota's Waters
Streitz, Kaitlin The Industrialization of Agriculture and a Loss of Community
Woodward, Cole Learning from Your Neighbor: The Energy Policies of the U.S. & Latin America

Class of 2007

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Gad, Joshua Water Wasted: Improving Water Conservation on SJU
Haberman, Sarah  Mandating Environmental Education in Minnesota: Securing environmental sustainability for future generations
Henry, Jessica Think Globally; Eat Locally: The Local Food Movement at CSB/SJU
Hoaglund, Jordan The Avon Hills Initiative
Hoye, Christoper Wetland Mitigation: Is the Minnesota Mitigation Banking Program Effective?
Koshmrl, Mike An Industry Afterthought: The Impacts of Oil Sands Development on the Traditional Land-Use of Northern Albertan Aboriginals
Mullin, Jacob Japan and the United States: Political Culture's Influence on International Environmental Policy
Perry, Todd How SJU could Benefit from an Improved Recycling Program
Poliseno, Jennifer Applying the Land Ethic
Schwecke, Hannah Natureless Children: The Third Frontier 
Smith, Katie Small Turbine Wind Power in America
Stephens, Allie Economic Status and Energy Consumption Behaviors
Telthorst, Paul Urban Development: A Strategy for St. Louis 

Class of 2006

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DeCosse, Justin Source Water Protection through Conservation
Kostka, Kevin and Nicole Luberdal It's Not Easy to be EE: The Challenges that Face Minnesota K-12 Environmental Education
Leary, Sean  Environmental Marketing: Corporate Deception Exposed by Green Truth
Oschwald, Zach Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Public Health vs. Chemical Companies
Polasky, Sophia  The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act: Defining or Defying Native Interests?
Sieh, Elizabeth E-Waste Recycling:  Managing Electronic Waste at CSB/SJU
Walsh, Jason Fish Consumption Advisories: Minnesota's outreach efforts compared to other states

Class of 2005

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Collaborative team project done by all environmental studies majors:

Becker, Eli; Buss, Emily; Crumb, Scott; Ekelund, Luke; Hegg, Sarah; Johnson, Benjamin; Kamman, John; Lindeke, Erin; Mailander, Ann; Mittelstadt, Annamarie; Pavek, Megan; Robbins, William; Rynders, Michael; Satt, Janelle; Smith, Kathryn; Teis, Jake

Comprehensive Energy Proposal

Class of 2004

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Collaborative team projects done by all environmental studies majors:

Boisen, Nick; Connolly, Kim; Coyle, Matt; Franklin, Emily; Gorrilla, Will; Guetter, Laura; Holtorf, Jenny; Johnson, Matt; LeMieur, Cody; Meierhofer, Beth; Springer, Nat; Stephenson, Jenny; Trettel, Kevin

CSB/SJU Green Building Plan


 Johnson, Kristen; Henry, Jessica; & Traut, Brian 

Implementation of an Improved Recycling System @ SJU

Classes of 1994-2003

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Prior to the creation of the major, all environmental studies minors completed individual theses on interdisciplinary topics:

Evans, Mark J. Environmental Educational: Assessment of Environmental Liabilities
Haeg, Timothy R. Sustainable Agriculture: An Individual Learning Project
Leonard, Nicholas  Investigation of Water Quality at St. John's University
Jensen, David Vermicomposting:  An Overview and an Analysis of a Proposed Alternative Feeding Method
Kelly, Catherine Energy Cost-Savings: the driving force for energy conservation at CSB
Kieffer, Angela Political, Social, and Ethical Implications of Timber Industry in Oregon
Radabaugh, David  Biological Control of the European Corn Borer
Sanders, Aaron J. Sustainable Agriculture
Schubert, Catherine Agriculture in Belize
Fredregill, Amy  w/ Ben Oleson SJU Campus Waste Audit
Gonsior, Rockus A Practicum of Water Recycling at SJU Pottery Studio
Larson, Kim Wetland Protection Regulations and Mitigation
Moore, Molly Underground Storage Tanks
Scanlan, Colleen Practicum/Internship: SJU Pottery Studio
Singewald, Sean T. Ecological Effects & Population Control of White-Tailed Deer in Central MN
Deutsch, Jon  Asbestos Removal: Procedures & Challenges
Kraus, Eric  Fisheries Management in Minnesota
Strobl, Matt Sustainable Communities: The process of developing environmentally and economically smarter
Burr, Erik K. Butterflies of Stearns County, Minnesota
Dvoracek, Andrew J. Flea beetles: A Feasible Biological Control
Kyle, Matthew R. Wellhead Protection & Community Awareness
Muntifering, Jeff Captive Breeding for Species Conservation
Ager, John Removal and Relocation of Branta canadensis from the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area
MacManus, Laura  St. John's Drinking Water
Panian, Anne  The Importance of Groundwater Management and Wellhead Protection in Communities such as Cold Spring, Minnesota
Phillips, Hope  Fire Suppression and Ecosystem Carbon Storage
Schultz, Dustin O. Health, Wealth, and the Tennessee Valley Authority
Flannery, Sean  Free the Planet Right Here at Home: Preparing for a Campus Environmental Audit at CSB/SJU
Gilles, Shannon Success of Taconite Mine Reclamation in Northern Minnesota
Hoffman, Karolanne International Trade & the Environment
Virnig, Kenneth  Sustainable Agriculture: How Much Ground Does it Hold in Minnesota's Fields?
Barr, Jesse Sustainability of Maple Syrup Production at Saint Johns University
Deering, Brian  Minnesota Wetlands: Past, Present, and Future
Distelrath, Elizabeth The Benefits of a Prairie Grass, Xeriscaped Lawn
Dvoracek, Katie  CSB Food Waste Audit
Gamm, Christine The Conversation Begins: Sustainability in Panajachel, Guatemala
Maza, Jennifer Extending Environmental Education to the Urban Setting
Albury, Shenique  A Preliminary 10,000 year vegetation history of Collegeville, MN
Crever, John  The Sportsman's Impact
Crowley, Robert Did St. John's always have a "Pine Curtain"?
Elliott, Blake  Animal Care in an necessary Setting
Kutter, Jennifer Crop Rotation and Chemical Balance: An analysis of the Common Ground Garden at the College of Saint Benedict