ENVR 395: Senior Research Seminar

Archive of past environmental studies senior thesis topics

The archive of past thesis topics includes the names of environmental studies majors and minors who have completed a senior thesis project, and the title of their project topic.

About the senior research seminar

The senior research seminar for ES majors and minors is an intensive research project and formal presentation in a collaborative setting. This is an opportunity for  students to draw on their classroom experiences to do research and develop a presentation on an environmental issue of particular interest to them. Seniors have worked on individual thesis projects since 2006.

In 2004 and 2005, the senior capstone was designed around a collaborative model and a common research topic. Working as a team with other senior students, majors functioned much as a group of consultants in the workplace, taking on various aspects of an environmental research project according to their own strengths, collecting and analyzing relevant data, and producing a final report.

Prior to the establishment of the ES major in 2004, ES minors completed senior research projects in groups or in pairs. These past thesis topics include many of the interdisciplinary theses completed under the old environmental studies minor between 1994-2003.