Morgan Clark-Sager ('20)

How did you end up deciding on an ES major? What were your plans coming into college and how have they evolved since?

My first year of college I was double major in Biology and Environmental Studies, but it happened by mistake. When filling out my academic interest form, that first-year students fill out when entering, I meant to put Biology as my main major instead of both. My plans coming into college was to fulfill a Biology major and French minor with the hopes of entering a field working with animals. However, things have changed as far as my major. I found out that I didn’t have enough room to pursue both major’s, so I had to decided which one I wanted to do more. Well, I picked Environment Studies and placed Biology down with my French minor. I decided this because I realize that I gravitated more towards Environmental Studies.

What extra-curricular activities are you involved in on campus?

I’m currently on the girls CSB Rugby team.

Have you participated in any study abroad, ABE, or off campus learning experiences? How were they beneficial to your major?

Not yet but I just applied to the France Program.

Please describe your internship experience (past, present, or potential future).

I haven’t done any internship’s so far, but I plan on it!

What do you plan on doing with an ES major?

Like I previously mentioned, I wanted to work in a field with animals. Ideally, I would like to become a Zoologist with a focus on conservational methods for large exotic mammals. I would love to pursue this type of career in different parts of the world but mostly in Africa.

Do you have any advice for current or future environmental studies majors?

Yes, my advice is simple. Have fun. The environmental studies program is one that you can have fun with while taking all the general requirements for the major. The program offers many classes with different subjects so there is something for everyone. Also, I would advise current or future environmental studies majors is to keep an open mind and to find a professor in the department that you can meet with that will help guide you through all the available courses to find the ones to fit you and your interests.