Katelyn Barclay '22 (she/her/hers)

Where do you call home?

Jordan, MN

What are your majors/minors?

Environmental Studies

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

My favorite thing to do outside is go for a run. Running on trails in the fall is the best.

Why did you decide to major in Environmental Studies?

While I was touring colleges, I had a gut feeling that my calling was Environmental Studies. I had no idea what I wanted to do or even what the major entailed, but my time at CSB/SJU has shown me the path I want to take.

What environmental issue are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about marine ecosystem restoration, and I hope to work for an organization in the Everglades after graduation.

What is your favorite Environmental Studies class and why?

My favorite Environmental Studies class so far was 275 because we learned more about climate models and spent our labs in the prairie.

What are you looking forward to as an Environmental Studies student?

I am looking forward to better understanding the local environment, expanding my worldview, and having opportunities to pursue my passions.