Recommendation Letter Request Form

Letters of recommendation are very important for successful graduate school and job applicants. A well-written letter can be just the thing needed to help get a decision made in your favor. In order to receive a good letter of recommendation, certain guidelines should be followed.

Most professors and former employers, even while pressed for time, are very willing to write letters of recommendation. Remember, however, that they are doing you a favor. Keep their convenience in mind.

The two biggest things you can do to successfully obtain a recommendation letter are:

  1. Ask for letters well in advance - at least three weeks ahead of the due date. Good letters are time consuming to write, so allow your letter-writer ample time to be able to do a good job.
  2. Details. Details. Details. Even if your letter-writer knows you very well, you will do them (and yourself) a great favor to provide, in written form, as much information about yourself, your experiences, and the position to which you are applying.

Use the following form to submit a formal request for a letter of recommendation from a member of the environmental studies department. If you'd prefer to contact the individual in person, please review this form to be sure you include all necessary information in your request.

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