Mitchell Lampe ('17)

Why did you choose to study Environmental Studies? /Why did you major in Environmental Studies?

I joined the environmental studies program to help humanity create a more sustainable future. I believe we are on a course of disrepair and that I need to do everything I can to help future generations.

What, in your opinion, was the most important aspect of the Environmental Studies coursework/curriculum?

I have found that the most influential parts of the program are real-life scenarios/problem solving and classes that trigger conversations of environmental ethics. Knowing the facts is important, but being able to convey solid arguments is one of the most influential tools an environmentalist can have.

Briefly describe your internship experience while at CSB|SJU.  Who did you intern for?  What did you do while at this internship? 

I interned for both the Environmental Planning Group in Phoenix, Arizona and the DLR Group architecture firm in Omaha, Nebraska. I did GIS mapping and piloted a sustainability report for the EPG office. In Omaha, I was in charge of creating assessment templates for 63 public schools. Each week I assessed schools under the supervision of licensed architects, documented the needed repairs and photos of each school, and prepared final documents with cost estimations of each repair.

Were you involved in any activities, such as clubs, organizations, Alternative Break Experiences, and/or study abroad programs while enrolled at CSB|SJU?

I was a part of the Peer Resource Program that organizes and facilitates College Bound, on-campus events, and challenge courses that promote teambuilding and leadership skills. I was also one of the leaders of climbing club that provided events at the rock wall.

What did you do immediately after graduation?

 Immediately after graduation, I worked for the DLR Group as a summer intern again in Des Moines, Iowa, but this time I was a part of their sustainability committee and created a greenhouse gas template that measured the annual totals produced by any office.

If it differs now, what are you currently doing?

Currently, I am pursuing concurrent master’s degrees in architecture and sustainable design. The program will take three years and I will be studying abroad in Japan this May.

Do you have any advice for current CSB|SJU students?

My advice to CSB/SJU students is to make a difference. Use the knowledge you have for a purpose, and don’t sit idle thinking that opportunity will drop into your lap.