Environmental Studies

Denys Janiga, OSB

Degrees and Post-Graduate Research/Study:
  • M.A., Public Policy and Administration, Ryerson University
  • M.A., Environmental Studies, York University
  • B.A., Philosophy, Trent University

    Br. Denys Janiga is a Benedictine monk at Saint John's Abbey. He was born in southern Ontario and has lived in four provinces and one territory in Canada. Before entering monastic life, he worked in developmental disabilities, social assistance and homelessness policy, and union-management relations. Since 2010 he has become interested in the non-human turn in theory and sees this as a way to counter anthropocentrism.

    Selected Publications:
    Denys Janiga, program development assistant

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    College of Saint Benedict
    Saint John’s University

    Dr. Derek Larson
    Chair, Environmental Studies
    SJU Peter Engel 235

    Jennifer Kutter
    Department Coordinator
    SJU Peter Engel 201

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