ENVR 210: Field Experience

Apply to Enroll in Course by Nov 10, 2021

This 1-credit course is typically offered every other spring during D-mod only. The course offers students the opportunity to apply a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary field methods to a specific topic and geographical area. Students will incorporate on-campus work in the classroom, lab and outdoors with a multi-day field component off campus after the end of the spring semester. Each iteration will provide students with an introduction to and practice with field methods from at least two different disciplines, along with the opportunity to apply them to a discrete topic/project in the off-campus portion of the course. View course flyer (PDF).

Badlands, SD  Rocky Mountains

Spring 2022 - Mountains and Prairies

Explore the natural and cultural history of the mountains and prairies with visits to Badlands National Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Expect front and back country experiences exploring these ecosystems, their wildlife, and how park management balances wild nature with human visitation and recreation.

The class is intended for both ENVR majors and minors; students from other majors are welcome as space permits. Prerequisites are ENVR 150 and ENVR 175 or permission of the instructor. Course fees will be assessed to cover the cost of the field experience in an all-inclusive approach (travel, food, lodging, etc.) for all participants.