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Gabriella BackesGabriella Backes ('23)
Hemker Park & Zoo - Zookeeper Intern

"My internship connected to my planned career because I got the opportunity to expand my knowledge on animal behavior, biology, and husbandry. I also was able to learn more about the endangered animal breeding programs and how they function."

Chris Berry ('22)
Limnopro Aquatic Sciences - Water Resources Intern

" I was able to use what I learned in the classroom and apply it. Additionally, this internship connected to natural science classes I have taken as it provided a foundation for my understanding of ecosystems."

Mariko Hermerding Mariko Hermerding ('23)
Happy Dancing Turtle - Summer Programs Support Intern

"One of my favorite aspects from my internship was the unexpectedness of it. Every day at Happy Dancing Turtle brought a new adventure."

Collin LarsonCollin Larson ('22)
Soil Engineering Testing Inc. - Testing Lab Assistant

"Being able to work hands on and gain a better understanding of soil and its importance while meeting new people gave me even more experience in the real job world."

Max Lyons GardeningMax Lyons ('22)
Marlene's Gardens - Garden Assistant

"I have become fascinated by our food production systems and learning how to create a more localized network of producers and consumers."

Braden Orr Braden Orr ('22)
Washington Conservation District - (AIS) Watercraft Inspector

"One highlight of my internship was getting to educate people about the importance of preventing AIS in their local places of recreation, and it seems that many boat owners that I talked to were genuinely dedicated to keeping their state's lakes clean and AIS-free."

Cassandra Will Internship siteCassandra Will ('22)
Leelanau Lake Association - Biologist Assistant

"Many people seemed genuinely happy that we were trying to protect the lake, even if they had never heard of Eurasian Water Milfoil before. It felt like I was making a tangible difference."

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