2014 Environmental Studies Jackson Fellows

Sarah Evans ('15)

Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Latin

About her experience: Sarah interned with the Will Steger Foundation and the Will Steger Homestead. During her internship, Sarah worked with the National Climate Assessment of 2014 and was a masonry apprentice for the Will Steger Homestead.

Chendan Yan ('15)

Majors: Environmental Studies, Philosophy

About her experience: Chendan interned with the Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy (CEED) in Minneapolis, MN.  During her internship, Chendan worked with issues relating to urban planning and environmental justice.

Ashleigh Walter ('15)

Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Political Science, Biology

About her experience: Ashleigh interned with the West Side Community Organization (WSCO) in St. Paul, MN. During her internship, Ashleigh worked with issues relating to food security within the West Side of St. Paul.