Environmental Studies

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From investigations of a local wetland in the 3000+ acres of natural land on our campuses, to studying international climate policy as its being made, environmental studies at CSB+SJU offers a wide range of opportunities to start you on a path to create a positive impact in the world.

Why study Environmental Studies

Students learn to approach the challenges we face in complex ways and gain the skills to build solutions across industries and careers.

Environmental Studies Major

Environmental Studies Minor

Climate Studies Minor

From enjoying the great outdoors in the labs of nature to attending the annual COP, the environmental studies department likes to keep things interesting!

Lab and Field Experience Photo Gallery 

COP Photo Gallery

Guest Lectures and Events

Outdoor recreation, environmental education and land stewardship opportunities for students and the community.

Outdoor U

Join efforts toward environmental, equitable and economic sustainability at CSB and SJU through employment, internships, volunteering and campus clubs.


Why Choose Environmental Studies