Environmental Studies Major

53 credits
Required Core Courses: 25 credits

This sequence is designed to offer introductory knowledge on environmental issues. Skills developed in this sequence – reading and writing comprehensively, understanding how to create and/or analyze data, building research skills across disciplines – provide a scaffold for both academic and career success.

  • ENVR 150: Intro to Environmental Studies (4) (BN)
  • ENVR 175: Earth Systems Science (4) (NS, NW, QR)
  • ENVR 275: Humans in the Environment (4) (NS)
  • ENVR 279A: Environmental Methods and Analysis (4) (SS, SW, TF-TR)
  • ENVR 320: Research Colloquium (4) (WR)
  • ENVR 395: Research Seminar (4)

ENVR 397: Internship (1)


Quick Facts

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Environmental Perspectives: 12 credits

These courses offer a deeper dive into relevant environmental topics. Students must take at least one course from each category.

1. Environmental Science
2. Environmental Social Science
3. Environmental Humanities
Environmental Electives: 16 credits

Students must complete four elective courses selected from the following list. The flexibility in elective choice allows students to decide to add depth in a particular discipline (i.e. science, policy, energy), or continue to add breadth and depth to their interdisciplinary credentials.

Note that the courses in Environmental Perspectives are listed here as well; courses that were not selected to fill that requirement may be taken as electives. Additional ENVR 397: Internship credits may not be counted toward elective requirements.