Examples from LEED/MSDG Standards

The following attachments are drafts taken directly from both the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design  (LEED) Green Building  Rating System and the Minnesota Sustainable  Design Guide (MSDG).  Both documents show their individual rating systems and the point categories for each building strategy.  Each implemented strategy is awarded points based on their performance, which is judged by certified individuals from each organization. 

The major difference to be noted between LEED  and MSDG is the use of checklists in the life of the building.  Notice that with the LEED standards, it is a one-time certification.  The building is only checked once throughout its lifecycle and given its certification.  In contrast, the MSDG has five check points throughout the lifecycle of the building where certification must be attained, once in pre-design, three times in the designing and construction  stages, and once at the end of construction.  This illustrates the MSDG’s goal of actively implementing its strategies throughout the design of the building.  This forces the designer to emphasize the strategies throughout the designing process. 

After the evaluation of the building, the design can then earn a distinction of achievement by reaching outstanding levels based on the number of cumulative points earned.  The LEED  standards, for example, present silver, gold, and platinum awards to building designs that reach high levels of certification, with platinum being the highest and most honorable.  LEED believes that with a recognition system such as this, their standards will earn popularity within the field of green building , and this will hopefully transform the construction  market.

1A: Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide

1B: Draft LEED Submittals Summary