Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy that is from a naturally replenished source such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, biomass, rivers, and geothermal heat. A person working in the renewable energy field may be involved with engineering, manufacturing, installation, or repair of technology involved in harvesting renewable energy.

Quick Facts

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  • Physics – curriculum covers the basics of classical and modern physics, examining human understanding of nature from elementary particles to the cosmos.
  • Mathematics – committed to giving its students a solid and broad-based mathematical foundation that helps prepare them for a variety of careers as well as graduate study in mathematics.
  • Global Business – students gain traditional functional knowledge and analytical skills, yet are increasingly adept at leading diverse teams of innovators and managers from around the world.
Types of Careers
  • Solar installation and repair
  • Hydroeclectric engineer
  • Wind turbine technician
  • Energy auditor
  • Geothermal installation
  • Project manager
  • Renewable car design and manufacturing
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • Biofuels and biomass industry
Environmental Studies Graduates’ Positions
  • Developer for a Wind Energy and Solar Energy Firm (Sean Flannery)
  • Project Construction Coordinator, Blattner Energy (Maddy Longley)
  • Solar Developer, Geronimo Energy
  • Program Manager, Great Plains Institute
  • President/Owner, TruNorth Solar