Annual Computer-based Health & Safety Training Access Procedure

The Computer based training (CBT) program is an alternative to the traditional classroom scheduled annual safety training.  The program offers convenience for employees to complete training at their own pace and minimizes scheduling conflicts experienced in traditional classroom set up.  Please follow the steps below to get into the program.  If you have questions, difficulties or comments regarding any one of the programs, contact Ganard Orionzi at 5277 (CSB) or 3267 (SJU). Thank you for your participation.


  1. Please contact your department chair or Supervisor to let them know that you are going to complete the computer based training.
  2. Then log onto a convenient PC that is web accessible and has speakers. Headphones are available for use in computer labs on each campus.  Check with the IT services information desk or call EHS to request for them.  Adjust the volume of speakers/headphones to your comfort level.

Login Instructions:

To begin, visit the CSB/SJU Environmental Health & Safety website at this address

Click on “Training” located on the left hand corner, then Click on “PLEASE ENTER HERE” 

This will open a Login screen. If you are a first time user, click on “Self Register”, (NOT Submit). This will open the actual registration screen for your one time registration. If you have previously registered, you can complete your login information and click submit.  Your username is the one CSB/SJU has assigned you. 

Fill in the information as requested on the form. (Note: Use your employee ID number as the password). You do not need to complete the “Hint” section. Click on Submit. This will lead you to the login screen again, this time with the information box filled. Click on submit, to take you to the confirmation screen. Click on Confirm, if the information you entered is correct, (otherwise back to login).

This will bring you to the welcome screen. Click on Continue. Note: if no response, it is likely that the “pop up” is blocked on your computer. To allow the “pop up”, click on the “pop up” message near the top left side of your window (near the address box) and select to allow “pop up” for this site and continue.

You will be at the course selection Screen and should see the course(s) you are required to take. Use program features to direct questions related to course contents, institutional procedures/application or course evaluation, to administrator.


  • All training must be completed within the scheduled time chosen by your department. Failure to complete all sections of a course including quizzes will result in no proof of training records.
  • Print a Certificate of Completion for each course and file it within your department, as directed by your supervisor. Be sure to change the Page Setup to “Landscape” prior to printing certificate. This certificate must be kept for a minimum of one year or when another refresher course has been completed.

Contact Ganard Orionzi, course administrator at CSB 5277 or SJU 3267 or by email at [email protected], if you have difficulties in accessing the program. Thank you for your participation in the Health & Safety Information program.