CSB Specific Examples

Ardolf Science Center


Limestone Neutralizing Tank Pit                                              Sump in Mechanical Room
Permit Required                                                                              Permit Required


AHUs #1, 2, 3 in Mechanical Room                                        Air Intake Room in Mechanical Room
Non-Permit                                                                                      Non-Permit


Air System in Mechanical Room                                              Elevator Pit
Non-Permit                                                                                      Permit Required

Clemens Library


Air Vent                                                                                              AHU #1 and 2 in Mechanical Room w/ multiple doors
Non-Permit                                                                                        Non-Permit  


Condenser Room                                                                            Sump
Non-Permit                                                                                     Permit Required




Permit Required



Fish Pond Pothole                                                                          Manholes (Numerous)
Non-Permit                                                                                     Permit Required

Henrita Academic Building


Air Handling Unit #9 in Mech. Room off of Rm 09            Pipe Closet in Room 09
Non-Permit                                                                                    Non-Permit


Tunnel Access in Hall, Lower Level                                         Tunnel Access 1 in East Mech. Room, Lower Level
Non-Permit                                                                                     Non-Permit


Tunnel Access 2 in East Mech. Room, Lower Level            Tunnel Access 1 in Large Mech. Room, Lower Level
Non-Permit                                                                                     Non-Permit


Tunnel Access 2 in Large Mech. Room, Lower Level            Elevator Pit
Non-Permit                                                                                       Permit Required

Murray Hall/Pool


Sump Pit in Mechanical Room   B-6                                        Pit in Chlorine Room
Permit Required                                                                            Permit Required


Chlorine Tanks (2) in Chlorine Room                                      Air Handling Unit 1 in Mechanical Room - Pool
Permit Required                                                                             Non-Permit


Air Handling Unit 2 in Mechanical Room - Pool                   Air Handling Unit 3 in Mechanical Room - Pool
Non-Permit                                                                                      Non-Permit


Air Handling Unit 4 in Mech. Room – Murray Hall             Air Handling Unit 5 in Mech. Room – Murray Hall
Permit Required                                                                               Non-Permit


Elevator Pit
Permit Required

Power House


Boiler 1 (Main Level) 
Permit Required                                                             


Boiler 3 (Main Level)                                                                  Tower Near Boiler (Main Level)
Permit Required                                                                           Permit Required


Duct Access (Main Level)                                                          Cooling Tower Access (Main Level-Outside)
Note- area evaluated and determined to NOT                    Permit Required
be confined space since a person cannot bodily enter area


Steam Tank (Main Level)                                                          Tank (Main Level)
Permit Required                                                                           Permit Required


Access to Fan on Boiler (Main Level)                                       Manholes (Outside)
Permit Required                                                                            Note- areas evaluated and determined to NOT be a
                                                                                                            confined space since a person cannot bodily enter areas

Regina Hall


Air Handling Unit, 3rd Level Mech. Room                           Air Handling Unit, 2nd Level Mech. Room
Non-Permit                                                                                    Non-Permit


Air Handling Unit, 1st Level Mechanical Room        Elevator Pit
Non-Permit                                                                                     Permit Required


Sump Pit in Mechanical Room – Regina Link                      Fresh Air Plenum in Mechanical Room
Permit Required                                                                            Non-Permit


Air Handling Units (3) in Mech. Room                                 Air Handling Unit in Mechanical Room
2 entrances each                                                                          Non-Permit



Vacuum System in Mechanical Room                                    Elevator to Outside
Permit Required                                                                            Permit Required

Richarda Hall


Pipe Chase in Laundry Room                                                   Tunnel SW-NW
Non-Permit                                                                                    Non-Permit


Tunnel NE-SE                                                                                 Centrifugal Separator
Non-Permit                                                                                      Permit Required

Aurora Hall


A-Wing Restroom Pipe Chase (First Floor)                             A-Wing Restroom Pipe Chase (First Floor)
Non-Permit                                                                                     Non-Permit


Pipe Chase in Custodial Room B (First Floor)                       C-Wing Restroom Pipe Chase (Second Floor)
Non-Permit                                                                                    Non-Permit


C-Wing Restroom Pipe Chase (Second Floor)                         Pipe Chase in Custodial Room D (Second Floor)
Non-Permit                                                                                     Non-Permit


Sump in Room O-12 (Basement)                                             Entry into Sump Area in Room O-12 (Basement)
Permit Required                                                                           Non-Permit

Corona Hall


Air Handling Unit #3 in Corona West Mech. Room               Sump in Corona West Mechanical Room
Non-Permit                                                                                        Permit Required


Air Handling Unit #1 in Corona West Mech. Room            Fresh Air Supply in Corona West Mech. Room
Non-Permit                                                                                      Non-Permit


Air Handling Unit #2 in Corona East Mech. Room             Sump in Corona East Mechanical Room
Non-Permit                                                                                     Permit Required


Fresh Air Intake in Corona East Mech. Room                        Elevator Pit Area
Non-Permit                                                                                      Permit Required

Brian Hall


Sump                                                                                                AHU
Permit Required                                                                            Non-Permit

Margretta Hall



Academic Services Building


Crawl Space (In men's bathroom)                                            AHU (In mechanical room 120)
Non-Permit                                                                                     Non-Permit

Claire Lynch Hall


AHU-1 and 2

Gertrude Hall


Pipe Access                                                                                       AHU (access off of dining area)

Teresa Hall


AHU-1 in Mechanical Room                                                       AHU-3, 4, and 5
Non-Permit                                                                                     Non-Permit


Crawl Space-top level of building

East Appartments

                                                                                                           Pipe Chase Tunnels in Mechanical Room (McDonald)


Air Intake (Luetmer)                                                                   Sump (Luetmer)
Non-Permit                                                                                     Permit Required


Tunnel (Luetmer)                                                                         AHU's (Luetmer)
Non-Permit                                                                                     Non-Permit

West Apartments


AHU (only 1 operating now)

Field House and Haehn Campus Center


Sump Pit 1 – sewage system (in field house area)              Sump Pit 2 – floor drains (in field house area)
Permit Required                                                                            Permit Required


Fan Access (in Haehn Campus Center area)                         Air Handling Unit No. 1 with four doors
Permit Required                                                                             Non-Permit


Air Handling Unit No. 5                                                            Air Handling Unit No. 3
Permit Required                                                                           Non-Permit