Controlled Substances

CSB/SJU Program Statement


The purpose of this document is to establish College of St. Benedict and St. John's university (CSB/SJU) guidelines for the use of controlled substances, which are consistent with the Any substance listed in the Controlled Substances Act, Code of Federal or Substance Regulations (21 CFR, part 1300 to end) Minnesota Statute 152.01-.02 and Minnesota Board of Pharmacy, Chapter 6800. 4210 to 6800.4250. This guideline applies only to controlled substances acquired by CSB/SJU Departments using valid registration numbers, for teaching purpose.  Other controlled substances that are acquired out of the registered means are not covered and should not be used at any of the CSB/SJU facilities.

  • Authority: The licensed and her/his authorized representatives have the overall responsibility for substance procurement. The department safety committee and EH&S will monitor procurement activities to maintain consistence with applicable department, local, state or federal regulations.
  • Storage Security: All controlled substances brought onto campus must be stored in a built-in locked cabinet with a solid door within an area that assures maximum security. The number of keys to the cabinet shall be kept to a minimum.
  • Controlled Substance Log: A log should be maintained at the location where controlled substances are stored. The log should contain a separate page for each controlled substance. Information to be kept in each log should include the following:
    • When new drugs are received:
      • Date received at the storage location
      • Substance name
      • Vendor
      • Quantity and strength of each substance added to the storage area
      • Name of individual adding product to the inventory
    • When drugs are utilized for teaching purposes or surrendered to authorized agency, such as the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy Examiners, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), or registered DEA reverse distributors, the following shall be recorded:
      • Date used or disposed
      • Quantity dispensed
      • Strength dispensed
      • Name of person to whom dispensed
      • Quantity remaining in inventory
  • Disposal:
    • Any amount of controlled substance that can no longer be used or that which is rendered as waste shall be disposed of by the established means such as reverse distributions or surrendered to Minnesota Board of Pharmacy or other means approved and witnessed by an authorized agent.
    • An "Inventory form of Drugs Destroyed or Surrendered" must be completed and signed by authorized representatives. A copy of the inventory form will be filed in the same location as the hazardous waste disposal records.
  • Purchasing Controlled Substances:
    Controlled substances can only be ordered by the licensee and upon completion of notification of the affected department safety committee.  Purchasing is coordinated through the Purchasing Department at CSB or the Business office at SJU.
  • Inventory and Audit:
    In addition to the previously listed requirements, persons licensed or authorized to use controlled substances for teaching should:
    • Submit an inventory of controlled substances to the corporate safety officer annually, or upon request of the Business office or purchasing coordinator, for the purpose of record reconciliation.
    • Host an annual or whenever deemed necessary, security and record keeping audit by department safety committee or EH&S.