Accident Prevention and Reporting Policy

Purpose and Application

This policy is written to ensure that CSB/SJU employees, students, contractors, and visitors follow safe work practices, report unsafe work conditions, promptly report accidents and incidents, and work to prevent reoccurrence.

This policy applies to all College/University employees, students, contractors, and visitors when engaged in a College/University activity taking place on or off campus.

Definitions and Scope

“Accidents” include all sudden or non-sudden events that cause injury to a person. Even “minor” injuries such as cuts or sprains are considered accidents. If in doubt, treat a situation as if it were an accident.

“Incidents” include near-miss events that have the potential of causing personal injury. Any event that causes damage to College/University property is also considered an incident.

Roles and Responsibilities

Employees and students are responsible for following safe practices, reporting to their supervisor, any conditions that they consider unsafe. Promptly reporting (within 24 hours) all accidents and incidents to their supervisor or other appropriate College/University official.

Campus Security or Life safety must be promptly notified of serious accidents or injuries that require medical attention. Supervisors are responsible for securing the accident scene, analyzing the accident and reporting the circumstances, including hazardous condition that exists, by completing and submitting the necessary reporting forms within 24 hours.

The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) assists in providing information and training on safe work practices, conducts inspections of work areas, investigates certain accidents and incidents to determine the root cause of the accident or incident, and recommends preventive/corrective actions.

The Business office and the Human resources process all accidents that have potential to result in a worker compensation or insurance claim.

The CSB Security and the SJU Life Safety Services are first responders to serious accidents and conduct initial investigation.

The Human resources office is responsible for all employee relations and maintains the OSHA 300 Log of reportable accidents and injuries.

Employees injured at work can seek medical evaluation from occupational clinic of their choice. The health center at Order of Saint Benedict provides medical services to residents, employees and students.


Reporting Employee Accidents Requiring Emergency Medical Care
In the event of a serious accident or incident at the CSB Campus, immediately contact the Security (363-5000), who will respond and provide immediate assistance, including first aid. If an injury requires further medical attention, the security officer will make the necessary arrangements.

At the SJU Campus, in the event of a serious accident involving an employee, immediately contact Life Safety Services (911). Officer will respond and provide immediate assistance, including first aid. If the injury requires further medical attention, the officer will make the necessary arrangements.

The supervisor will provide human resources with information as necessary.

Reporting Non-Emergency Employee Accidents or Incidents
Employee injured in accidents not considered emergencies must be evaluated immediately during regular business hours. Injured employees who schedule an appointment with outside Occupational Health Clinic must do so within 24 hours of the initial injury. The supervisor will follow through with the necessary reporting of the injury.

Reporting Student, Visitor, or Contract Accidents
Students injured in emergencies should be reported immediately to the Campus Security or Life Safety.

Visitors should report accidents and injuries to the Campus Security or Life Safety. The Life Safety or Campus Security will contact the Business office or Human Resources as appropriate.

Contractors will notify the college or university’s project manager or representative.

Accident Reporting Forms
For employee accidents, supervisors must complete the Accident Report and Analysis form and immediately submit the form to the Human Resource office.

Accident Training and Awareness
Accident and incident prevention and reporting is described in new employee orientation package and presented in Emergency Procedure available from CSB security or OSB life safety.

Accident Investigations and Follow-up
Accident Investigations are conducted initially by supervisors and or security/life safety officer. EHS may join in the investigation, depending on circumstances. Detailed investigation may include interviews, photographs, training/document reviews and preparation of a written report for all serious accidents and incidents.

Trend Analysis and Corrective Action
EHS and the sub-planning safety committee, with assistance from respective insurance companies will periodically review accident and incident reports to identify trends, root causes and potential corrective actions. Annual summary of this analysis and any apparent trend will be available to management and affected group.

The documents listed below may be obtained by contacting the office in brackets or Environmental Health and Safety office.

  • Accident Report and Analysis form (Human Resources)
  • Emergency Procedures (Security/Life Safety)
  • Return-to-Work Program (Business office)
  • Minnesota Rules and Statutes (EHS)
  • OSHA General Duty Clause (EHS)