Safety Policy Statement - Order of Saint Benedict

The personal safety and health of each employee is of primary importance.  We at the Order of Saint Benedict consider accident prevention to be a responsibility of every employee and supervisor.  It not only requires cooperation between supervisors and their employees, but also between the employees themselves.

Our objective is a safety and health program that will reduce the number of job related accidents and injuries, and provide for a safe workplace.

To accomplish this, our safety and health program will include:

  1. Providing employees with all reasonable safeguards to ensure safe working conditions.
  2. Conducting an ongoing program of safety and health inspections to eliminate unsafe working conditions and practices.
  3. Training supervisors and employees in good safety practices.
  4. Providing the necessary personal protective equipment and instructions for its proper use and care.
  5. Developing and enforcing safety and health procedures requiring the cooperation of employees as a condition of employment.
  6. Investigating workplace accidents to find and correct the cause for such accidents.

At the Order of Saint Benedict we recognize that the responsibility for safety and health is shared.  As your employer, we will provide the leadership in maintaining an effective safety and health program and for providing the necessary safeguards to ensure a safe work environment.  We expect our supervisors to be responsible for the safety of those they supervise by ensuring that all operations are performed with the greatest attention to safety.

As employees, you are responsible to cooperate with all aspects of the safety and health program and to comply with corporate safety regulations.

Order of Saint Benedict
Collegeville, Minnesota
By John Klassen, OSB  12-18-00
Abbot and President